Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break'n

Lane's birthday party fell the first weekend of Spring Break, so the Snowdens were able to stay for a long weekend.  Lane loved having them there!  We did a little bit of shopping, let the kids play outside, and were able to eat at Babe's one night.  Evin's party was scheduled for the following weekend, and that week was my last week of "allowed travel" by my doctor, so Lane and I decided to stay the whole week.

Mason showed Lane some games on his tablet


Marley and Lane read some bedtime stories with Kyle

I found Lane laying like this on Kyle's head one morning.  He loves when his Daddy gets to come to Mansfield!

Kyle went back to Austin for the work week, so Lane facetimed with him most nights to tell him about his day!

The rest of the week we kept busy with errands and playtime!  Lane always loves a trip to Lowe's!

Playing in the mirrors with my TWO kids :-)

Lane loves when he gets to see Evin!  And the feeling is definitely mutual!

One afternoon, Mums decided to clean her windows.  Lane LOVED helping out!  He thought it was so fun to spray the Windex and stand on a step ladder.

The weather was fairly chilly most of Spring Break, but we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine some.  Lane got some new bubbles from Mitch's mom, Linette that he had fun with!

Kori and Mitch were there, and Lane was being a bit of a showoff.  He was soaking wet with bubble solution, and was dancing and singing "Thrift Shop."  Never a dull moment with this one!

Eating some of Mums' Mac N Cheese off of my old Lambchop TV tray.  Kori and I loved eating off of that thing when we were little!

One day that week, we were able to meet Claire for lunch at one of Lane's favorite places--Black Eyed Pea.  I am sooo sad I forgot to take any pictures for the blog.  Perhaps the reason I forgot was that it ended up being somewhat of a chaotic lunch!  First, Lane was inhaling the bread they bring you and ended up puking 3 rolls and half a glass of milk all over his plate.  He was completely fine after, just ate too fast.  Then, the older gentleman behind me started going off on our waiter and started cursing loudly.  Of course, I had to turn around and say something!  Finally, Lane must have gotten a second wind after the barfing incident, because the rest of the lunch he was pretty wound up and silly acting!  Despite the craziness, we had a really good time and were glad to spend time with Gran!  Lane went and played at Gran and Pops' house a couple times and we also went out for a family dinner at Outback with them one night.

The last weekend of Spring Break was packed with other fun stuff that I am saving for separate posts! 

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