Thursday, April 3, 2014

Team I Heart Evin

As mentioned in my last post, we had family come to Austin to stay with us the weekend of March 22nd to participate in a charity walk for Congenital Heart Defects.  We were excited to walk in honor of our little heart baby....


We had team shirts made and Mitch's family, plus Mom and the Snowdens came to support the cause.  We definitely had the cutest little supporters and honoree there!

I'm sure the emotions running through Mitch and Kori were intense, as they had just celebrated Evin's first birthday a few days earlier, and the date of the walk was exactly a year since the day they found out about her heart defect.  The walk started at almost the exact time that Evin was being transported by ambulance to Cook Children's Hospital the year before.  Amazing!

The Snowden, Armstrong, and Coots Families HEART Evin!

Daddy and Lane

Mommy and Lane

Kathy's precious new puppy, Paisley came along and got lots of attention.  She is a dapple dachshund with a feisty personality!

My sweets

These two still look like they could be twins.  And they often act like it too!  Getting along one minute and arguing the next!


Getting some energy out before the walk started!

A family pic.  Ewwww of me, but cute of everyone else!

I was excited to design the shirt logo for our team.  Kori told me what she was wanting and they turned out really cute.  This was the back.

These two held hands for part of the walk and ran fast the rest.  Lane also found his way into Evin's stroller a couple of times.  Lazy boy!

Our brave girl!

After the walk, the kids ran and played, got balloon swords and animals, and had some snacks.  There may or may not have been a meltdown when Lane's sword popped on the way to the car.  :-/

Evin's full team of supporters!

A little dancing with Mitch!

Mommy's girl!

Cute cousins!

We went out to lunch after the walk at Mandola's.  Gotta love their gelato!

After lunch and naps, we took the kids to Austin Park and Pizza.  Kyle was a trooper and went while the UT basketball team was playing during March Madness.  He made multiple checks to his phone for scores and updates and rushed inside to catch a few parts of the game on the TV's, but was happy to ride rides and play games with the kids--even though the Longhorns ended up losing.

This picture cracks me up.  The ride operator kept telling the kids to scream when the ride came down and poor Kyle was sitting there amidst the craziness!  LOL!

Tiffany volunteered to ride the next ride when they wouldn't allow the little kids to ride alone.  Better her than me!  

Mason got a seat to himself!

After some rides, we hit up the mini golf course.  Mason was cracking me up with this stance before he would putt.  It did pay off on one hole, where he got a hole in one!  It also happened to be the hole that Kathy said she'd give him $5 if he made it.  Lucky boy!

Mason wasn't the only one who got a hole in one!  Marley killed it on hole #15!

This guy came close, but never made it in one shot.

We went inside for a few games after golf.

I went outside to wait, while Kyle took Lane to spend his tickets at the prize booth.  It was hilarious when they came outside and Lane had these:

And our thoughtful guy got some crazy teeth for Mason and Marley too!  So funny!

After all the fun we went out to eat at Lupe Tortilla.  It was a long wait, and slow service, but tasty as always.  By the time dinner was over we had some SLEEPY kids.  It was a long, busy, and fun day!  

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