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All About Lane: 4 Year Old Edition

Our little boy is 4 YEARS OLD!!!  After getting back to Austin after his birthday party/Spring Break, I was finally able to take his 4 year old pictures.  We went to Circle C Park down the street and I think he looks so handsome in all of them!  He is really growing fast and is such a big boy now!

I made a collage like this for all the years past to show some of the things that make Lane, Lane!  Here is this year's:

I could go on and on about this kid.  He is pretty amazing and Kyle and I are so thankful we have him. We gawk over him when he is with us and talk about how great he is when he's not around.  Our love for him, along with the rest of his family's, make him one LOVED and adored little boy!

In addition to the traits mentioned above, here are some other facts about Lane Austen at age 4.  He wears a size 4T shirts and 3T-4T pants depending on the brand and type.  He wears a size 9-10 shoe, and still has too many pairs, thanks to his Mommy!  :-)


His favorite toys are his dress up clothes, his horses and bull riding toys, musical instruments, his new ride on police car, Playmobil toys, and he still loves puzzles and games.  He also loves playing soccer and T-Ball.

Lane is still a picky eater.  He eats a good variety of fruits and veggies, likes yogurt, and loves breads and noodles.  He refuses to eat cheese, unless it is melted on macaroni or pizza, and also refuses most meats except for chicken nuggets and lunch meat.  I still can't get him to eat red meat!!!  His favorite meals include chicken nuggets, spaghetti, mac n' cheese, pizza and Asian noodles.  If given the choice, he loves to go out to eat at Chick Fil A, Mama Fu's, Mandolas, Jason's Deli, Panda Express, Panera Bread, and his new favorite is California Pizza Kitchen.  He has become better about trying bites of new foods, but almost always immediately says he doesn't like it.  Hopefully this is the year he will start branching out more!

If you ask Lane what he wants to be when he grows up, he always says "I want to be all the jobs!"  Then he will list fireman, cowboy, chef, trash man, "do deals" like Daddy, and on and on.  This guy will be pretty busy!

He has started to like watching longer movies and his most recent favorite is Frozen.  He also still loves music.  He loves to sing and play instruments and often asks about lyrics of songs and what they mean.  Mums bought him a Kidz Bop CD a couple months ago and he got 2 more for his birthday that are basically on repeat in the car and at home.  Kidz Bop CD's are kids versions of popular adult songs, so it is so funny that he knows ALL the words to all of these trendy pop songs!

Lane still goes to Noah's Ark Preschool on Tues/Thurs from 9:00-2:00.  Every morning before school he whines and says he doesn't want to go, and often fusses when dropped off, but is always FINE after we leave and comes home happy and excited to tell about his day.  He has been taking an item for Show N' Tell each Thursday that goes along with the letter of the week.  They have almost made it through the whole alphabet and he gets a kick out of choosing his item each week!  He talks most about Avery and Stone at school, and enjoys going to music and chapel.  

From about 3 1/2 up until now, Lane has had his "stinker" moments.  I've seen attitude and defiance creeping up and he isn't afraid to show how he feels!  I could definitely do without the no's and talking back, but it's amazing how quickly he can turn from being ugly to being so sweet.  I am hoping that age 4 brings some maturity and growth and the bad phase will be over soon!  

No matter how hard it gets, or how awful it may seem like he is acting, it is 100% worth it when I see his sweet smile, hear his silly laugh, get a kiss and a hug, or hear one of his many funny comments.  I still say he is absolutely the smartest 4 year old I know, and is a great looking kid to boot!  I am so excited to see him in his new role as Big Brother, and can't wait to watch him grow into a 5 year old!

Lane had to miss school the week of his birthday because he was sick, so I sent cupcakes the day he went back after Spring Break.  He was happy to celebrate with his class on March 18th!

One more chance to wear his birthday shirt!

His teacher sent me this picture of Lane and his class before they ate their treats.  I was shocked he chose a chocolate cupcake!  He is normally so picky and sticks with plain vanilla or "white" everything!  Guess he decided to branch out!

I picked up Lane from school a little early that day and we headed to the Dr. for his 4 year well check.  (I changed him into a short sleeve shirt before the doc because it got pretty warm!)
Lane did really well at the doctor!  I was dreading this appointment because he was supposed to get 4 shots!  First, they took his weight and height.

We waited on the doctor and he was all smiles!

I asked him how big he was an this is what he did!  He was reaching from the top of his head to the bottom of his foot.  So cute!

A nurse came in to do his hearing test and he was so cute raising his had after every beep with a big smile on his face!  It was funny because that night, Kyle asked Lane if they checked his hearing and Lane said no.  Kyle said, "Remember, didn't they put headphones on you and you had to raise your hand when you heard something?"  Lane replied "No, silly, that test was just making sure my arm muscles worked!"

When the doctor asked if I had any questions or concerns, I voiced the fact that Lane won't sleep in his own bed.  He had some tips for me and had a chat with Lane about it.  I know that it is partly my fault that he won't sleep alone, simply because I have allowed it, but I just hate the idea of him actually being scared to sleep in his own bed because that's exactly how I was growing up!  He also talked to me about his diet and said he is growing just fine and eating plenty of healthy options as is, so just continue with what we are doing and still try introducing new foods and having him take tastes.

After a chat with the doctor about his development, the nurse came back in with the shots.  He ended up getting just 2, but they were mixture of 4 vaccines.  He didn't like it one bit, but cheered up when we got to leave and get a sucker.

Lane's percentiles seemed to change a bunch from his 3 year checkup.  If I remember correctly, he was around 50th for height and 15th for weight last year.  (I would need to go back to verify.)  
We are thankful for a healthy boy!

After the dreaded shots, I took Lane to Lions, Tigers and Toys to spend some of his birthday money from Paw and Nonna.  He chose a new WOW toy and a corral to go with his horses.  

We made a quick run to Target for some groceries and for the first time since he was a baby, he fell asleep in the cart!  I guess those stinkin' shots did him in!

That night I decided to go for it and get Lane to sleep in his own bed.  I had low expectations, but I guess the doctor knew just what to say to make our brave boy sleep alone!  I was amazed at how well he did.  I still slept upstairs in the extra bedroom so I could be close, but I am proud to say that he has stayed in his own bed every single night since!  (With the exception of a couple of nights where Kyle rewarded him with sleeping in the big bed.)  Really, he didn't even need an incentive, just some confidence!  We leave the closet light on, he has his silkies and stuffed friends, I turn on his music, and am able to leave the room before he is even asleep!!  No more patting his back until he falls asleep and kicks to the ribs in the middle of the night!   He even gets up to use the bathroom by himself and goes right back to his bed.  I actually miss snuggling with him a lot, but we are ALL sleeping a lot better and it couldn't have come at a better time since Ellis will be arriving soon!

We are awfully proud of our BIG 4 YEAR OLD!

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