Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last weekend Kyle and I had the chance to go to Las Vegas to see  Garth Brooks with people from his work.  We drove to Dallas Friday night to have dinner with Kyle's family to celebrate his birthday.  We had a delicious Italian dinner at Campisi's and then drove back to Arlington to stay the night before our flight the next morning.  We flew out Saturday morning and only stayed one night, but it was well worth it!  

We stayed at the Trump Tower, which was really nice!  We met the group for brunch after we arrived and then I shopped around the mall attached to our hotel while Kyle watched sports in the sports book. Then we got ready for dinner and the show!  

This concert was absolute greatness!  We had excellent seats on the 4th row, so we were so close to Garth!  Photos inside were not allowed, but I snuck a few in at times when nobody was looking. ;)
He did a timeline of his life, singing songs that inspired him along the way and capped it off with some of his biggest hits.  It was all acoustic, just him and his guitar!  So cool!

Garth asked the audience who all had ever seen his live tour and this lady stood up with a huge poster of her dancing with him in some small honky tonk in Victoria, TX.  He asked if the poster was for him and she said yes.  Next thing you know, he had her sign the poster to him and said "When someone gives you something, you should give them something back." And he unstrapped his guitar right off his back, signed it and handed it down to her.  She was so excited!

Kyle and I knew almost every song he sang, and the whole audience was singing along!

Near the end, Tricia Yearwood came out for a couple of songs.  They sang "In Another's Eyes" and then she sang "She's in Love with the Boy."

We left Sunday morning--Kyle flew back to Austin and I flew back to DFW since Lane was with grandparents.  Thanks to Gran, Pops, and Mums for watching the little guy while we were gone!  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweetberry Farm

Last Friday Lane and I took a short road trip to Marble Falls to visit Sweetberry Farm.  One of my mom groups had planned a field trip there, so we got a discounted rate.  There were 25 of us total, so it was a fun day full of kiddos!  The field trip included a hay ride, feeding the goats, going through a corn maze, and painting pumpkins.  There were lots more activities that were extra cost, and we all scattered and did our own thing when the field trip was over.  

Feeding the goats

He would feed them and then immediately go over to this giant bottle of hand sanitizer and wash up. Then go feed them again, then sanitize...over and over!

In the corn maze.  This was Lane's least favorite part.  He wanted OUT of there!

Choosing a pumpkin

Painting his pumpkin

Our masterpieces!  Mine on the left and Lane's on the right.  Just kidding :)

Jumping on the "berry bounce."  It was a giant tarp blown up with air.  Kinda like a trampoline and a bounce house combined.

Getting his face painted for the first time!  I didn't think he would be brave enough to do it or sit still long enough, but he did!

He walked right up to the girl and asked "Can you make a dinosaur that says RAWRRR."  He requested blue with spikes on his back.

Being VERY still.  

The finishing touches...

WOW!!!  He loved it!

After the face painting we headed over to ride the barrel train.  Lane refused to ride by himself (even though all the other kids were) so I had to squeeze in there with him.  haha!

Playing on the tractor

Some pics from my phone...

We had such a fun time!  It got a little warm...never too hot, but warmer than we expected.  It wasn't too crowded, and we never had to wait on any of the activities.  We will definitely go back in the spring for their strawberry picking!  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

Last week Lane had his first dental check-up!  I googled around looking for dentists and found one that looked good to me, so we went ahead and scheduled him an appointment.  I wanted to have the option of going back with him, and a lot of pediatric dentists don't allow parents back after the kids get a certain age.  Dr. Thiel lets parents come back up to any age, but encourages kids to come back on their own if they will once they get a little older.  The hygienists were really nice and did a great job with Lane.  I didn't know how he would act...you just never know with him.  I expected him to have a few freak-outs and possibly refuse them access to his teeth, but he surprised me and did SO well!  

He loved playing with this train table in the lobby.  I think Santa may have to bring some train tracks for Lane this year!

The hygienists brought him puzzle after puzzle and it helped a lot.  He took his stuffed leopard with him for support. :)

First, she just looked at his teeth and let him choose a toothbrush.  She brushed around in there, slowly gaining his trust!


He was letting her do a lot, so she decided to go ahead and clean his teeth with the polisher and prophy paste.  He chose bubblegum flavor and was really good about opening for her and allowing her to clean!

Getting them nice and shiny!

He liked the light and would tell her "shine it on this truck!"  (pointing to the pieces on his puzzle for her to shine it on.)

She gave him a flouride treatment and showed him how she would suck it out with the suction straw.  He liked that "sucky straw" a lot!

A quick peek from Dr. Thiel, himself.  He was a really nice guy and said Lane's teeth looked healthy and strong!  We are waiting for one more molar to come in and he will be finished cutting teeth for a few years.

After the appointment he got to go with the assistant to pick a prize.  He came back with THREE toy dinosaurs.  I guess he probably sweet-talked her into getting 3 instead of 1!  Or maybe she was just sucked in by his cuteness and was feeling generous!  :)

We go back in 6 months for another check-up.  We are so proud of Lane for doing such a wonderful job!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last weekend Lane and I made a trip to Mansfield so I could do some photo shoots and spend some time with family.  We left when Lane got out of school on Thursday and went to play with Lane's friend Gage as soon as we arrived.  Lane and Gage went to the same babysitter and school last year, so they went from seeing each other every day to rarely seeing each other at all!  I used to teach with Tara, so I saw her every day too, and miss working with her!  I don't know why I didn't take any pictures, but the boys had a good time playing and I enjoyed catching up with Tara!

After our quick play date we excitedly rushed to meet Kori, Mitch and Mom for dinner at Suzy Q's.  Kori and Mitch are expecting their first baby and had just finished their gender reveal sonogram.  When we walked in, we saw them sitting in the booth...


Their little punkin is a BOY!  I am really excited for Lane to have a boy cousin and hope they will have a close relationship!!  We are very happy for K and M!

Speaking of punkins...the next day, mom took off work and we braved the Dallas Arboretum.  We have always wanted to go in the fall to see their pumpkin exhibits, and it was really neat!  It was a little hot, and VERY crowded, but we managed to get some cute pics and see the sites.  Lane wasn't too excited about anything, but had a pretty good time.  When we left we asked him what his favorite part was and he said "nothing."  Little toot.

The pumpkin village was awesome!  This shows one of the pumpkin houses and a pond with swans created from pumpkins and gourds.  I said "look at the ducks, Lane!" And he said "No, those are swans." He loves to correct me!

The Arboretum was also showcasing the Chihuly art exhibit.  I don't know much about this, but it involved colorful glass sculptures all throughout the grounds.  Kinda cool!

This first picture shows how Lane REALLY felt.  The third one is me starting to sing "Wheels on the Bus" to him...perked him up a little!

Loved jumping off the hay!

In addition to the pumpkin village and Chihuly exhibit were these little houses that represented famous artists.  Each house was modeled after the artists' cultural background and artistic style.  This was one of Lane's favorite parts...running to each house and playing inside.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with grandparents, going out to eat, getting a pedicure with the sis, and taking pictures!  Trips back home are good for the soul!  :)