Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last weekend Lane and I made a trip to Mansfield so I could do some photo shoots and spend some time with family.  We left when Lane got out of school on Thursday and went to play with Lane's friend Gage as soon as we arrived.  Lane and Gage went to the same babysitter and school last year, so they went from seeing each other every day to rarely seeing each other at all!  I used to teach with Tara, so I saw her every day too, and miss working with her!  I don't know why I didn't take any pictures, but the boys had a good time playing and I enjoyed catching up with Tara!

After our quick play date we excitedly rushed to meet Kori, Mitch and Mom for dinner at Suzy Q's.  Kori and Mitch are expecting their first baby and had just finished their gender reveal sonogram.  When we walked in, we saw them sitting in the booth...


Their little punkin is a BOY!  I am really excited for Lane to have a boy cousin and hope they will have a close relationship!!  We are very happy for K and M!

Speaking of punkins...the next day, mom took off work and we braved the Dallas Arboretum.  We have always wanted to go in the fall to see their pumpkin exhibits, and it was really neat!  It was a little hot, and VERY crowded, but we managed to get some cute pics and see the sites.  Lane wasn't too excited about anything, but had a pretty good time.  When we left we asked him what his favorite part was and he said "nothing."  Little toot.

The pumpkin village was awesome!  This shows one of the pumpkin houses and a pond with swans created from pumpkins and gourds.  I said "look at the ducks, Lane!" And he said "No, those are swans." He loves to correct me!

The Arboretum was also showcasing the Chihuly art exhibit.  I don't know much about this, but it involved colorful glass sculptures all throughout the grounds.  Kinda cool!

This first picture shows how Lane REALLY felt.  The third one is me starting to sing "Wheels on the Bus" to him...perked him up a little!

Loved jumping off the hay!

In addition to the pumpkin village and Chihuly exhibit were these little houses that represented famous artists.  Each house was modeled after the artists' cultural background and artistic style.  This was one of Lane's favorite parts...running to each house and playing inside.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with grandparents, going out to eat, getting a pedicure with the sis, and taking pictures!  Trips back home are good for the soul!  :)

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