Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Trip to the Dentist

Last week Lane had his first dental check-up!  I googled around looking for dentists and found one that looked good to me, so we went ahead and scheduled him an appointment.  I wanted to have the option of going back with him, and a lot of pediatric dentists don't allow parents back after the kids get a certain age.  Dr. Thiel lets parents come back up to any age, but encourages kids to come back on their own if they will once they get a little older.  The hygienists were really nice and did a great job with Lane.  I didn't know how he would just never know with him.  I expected him to have a few freak-outs and possibly refuse them access to his teeth, but he surprised me and did SO well!  

He loved playing with this train table in the lobby.  I think Santa may have to bring some train tracks for Lane this year!

The hygienists brought him puzzle after puzzle and it helped a lot.  He took his stuffed leopard with him for support. :)

First, she just looked at his teeth and let him choose a toothbrush.  She brushed around in there, slowly gaining his trust!


He was letting her do a lot, so she decided to go ahead and clean his teeth with the polisher and prophy paste.  He chose bubblegum flavor and was really good about opening for her and allowing her to clean!

Getting them nice and shiny!

He liked the light and would tell her "shine it on this truck!"  (pointing to the pieces on his puzzle for her to shine it on.)

She gave him a flouride treatment and showed him how she would suck it out with the suction straw.  He liked that "sucky straw" a lot!

A quick peek from Dr. Thiel, himself.  He was a really nice guy and said Lane's teeth looked healthy and strong!  We are waiting for one more molar to come in and he will be finished cutting teeth for a few years.

After the appointment he got to go with the assistant to pick a prize.  He came back with THREE toy dinosaurs.  I guess he probably sweet-talked her into getting 3 instead of 1!  Or maybe she was just sucked in by his cuteness and was feeling generous!  :)

We go back in 6 months for another check-up.  We are so proud of Lane for doing such a wonderful job!


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  2. It’s clear that Lane had a splendid time with the dentist. I particularly like Dr. Thiel’s philosophy when it comes to dental care. Encouraging the kids to go back on their own is a great way to promote dental care, as we all know that forcing them won’t do the trick. Of course, parents should also do their part and continually instill the importance of good dental hygiene to their kids.

    Ted Grimmer

  3. I can see that Lane had a wonderful experience on his first dental checkup! Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where they can play? Anyway, it was a good advice, but of course, kids can’t go to the dentist all by themselves, right?

    -Darcy Losh

  4. A train table, a puzzle, a cute toothbrush, and toys? Kids will definitely love to see their dentist if it’s as fun like this! Hooray for Lane! He really did great on his first dental visit!! :D He’s going to see his dentist any time soon, right? I’m sure he will do great again this time! ;)

    Seth Webster