Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Born

A couple days after we got home from the hospital I took Ellis' "Just Born" pictures.  I bought the onesie stickers like I did for Lane that say 1 month, 2 month, and so on up to 12 months.  I also decided to use a different fabric background for each month, so I have already started collecting yard-long pieces of fabric for each session!  

Ellis looks older as a newborn than Lane did to me, and she also has more meat on her bones!  I guess she had a few more weeks to cook than him, so it makes sense!

As far as milestones and "things to remember" about this age go, it's pretty simple.  
-She eats, sleeps, wets/poops the diaper, cries, repeats.
-Nurses every 2-3 hours on demand.  Is taking to breastfeeding really well!
-Wears size newborn clothing and diapers.
-Weighed 7 lbs 3 oz when we left the hospital.
-Likes her Soothie pacifier.
-Sleeps in a little bassinet that fits in our bed between us.
-Smiles a lot for a newborn.  Mostly while sleeping but has even grinned a few times while awake!
-Loves to kick her legs.

She was really alert for her pictures and I got some cute ones!

Her 'thinking' pose

She makes the funniest faces!  This one reminds me of those old "Whasssssup" commercials!

Already has some pretty chubby cheeks!

Just lounging!

Enough is enough, Mommy!!!!

Just wanted her paci!  It looks so big compared to her little head!

Being a model is hard work!

Here are some of Lane's "Just Born" pictures for comparison.  I wonder if Ellis will end up looking like her older brother as she grows??

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Homecoming Continued...

When we got home from the hospital, we had lots of special people waiting on us!  Mums, Gran, Lane, and the Armstrongs were there, and Paw and Kathy had driven in from Brady/San Angelo to meet Ellis!  My grandpa isn't a big traveling fan, so it meant a lot to me that he made the drive to come meet his newest great-granddaughter.  

We tried hard for a great-grandkid picture, but it just wasn't in the cards!  Lane was bribed to smile, Ellis was fast asleep, and Evin was not in the mood!

Pacifier to the rescue!  We ended up getting a decent one!

Kathy and Ellis.  Kathy crocheted the beautiful pink blanket that Ellis is wrapped in.  She made a blue one for Lane and it was his coming home blanket, so we continued the tradition!

Gran and her babies!

Evin was pretty intrigued by baby Ellis!  She kept wanting to touch her.
Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:
That little pointer finger kills me!!

Exhibit C:

Changed positions and got a cute pic!  I can't wait for these girls to grow a little and become best friends!

Kori and Mitch had to head back to Mansfield that afternoon for work the next day, and Gran needed to get back to her pup, so she hitched a ride back with them.  I love this picture of her with her firstborn and her first granddaughter!

Ellis was looking a little yellow to me, and had a moderate jaundice level when we left the hospital rather than a low level, so we decided to get her as much direct sunlight as possible.  Lane had jaundice and had to be under the bili lights for a few days after we got home, and I was paranoid we would have to go back to the hospital for treatment.  (Luckily, her levels ended up being fine the next day at her first checkup.  More on that in the following posts!)  I found a nice, sunny area in the extra bedroom where the pack n' play was already set up, and put her in there for a little tanning.  :)

Lane was so sweet to keep checking in on his sis!

Sleeping on Mums's legs.  Loves to sleep with her arms up.

Lane started in with the baby-talk as soon as Ellis got home and he hasn't stopped yet!  His favorite thing to say is "Hey girl!"  in this sweet, high voice.  He told me his nickname for her is "girl."  Love it!

Little lady getting a diaper change.

Looking so sweet in her first footed jammies.  Ready for her first night of sleep at home!

Talking with Daddy

All snuggled up and ready for bed!  We were so happy to have our sweet girl home!  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Homecoming Day

Sunday, April 13, 2014 was our last day at the hospital.  We had to wait for doctor's rounds before we were discharged, so we had lots of time to kill that morning until both Ellis and my doctor came by to give us the thumbs up to go home.

I took advantage of the pretty natural light and took some pictures of our girl with her Daddy.

 Look at her long fingers!  Already wrapped around Daddy's finger.  :-)


Burp time with Mommy!

I was feeling really good by this day and was up and moving around well.  Kyle had changed most of the diapers the previous days, so now it was my turn!

A fresh diaper!

We finally got the ok to get head home, so we got Ellis all dressed up in her coming home dress.  I ordered the sweetest gown on ETSY with her monogram on it and she looked beautiful!

Baby girl did not like getting dressed!

All better!

Talking to Daddy

My mom made this cute hanger to hang on our hospital door.  I made a similar one for Kori when Evin was born and was glad they made me one, too!

A couple of family pics before we left.

Getting strapped into her new car seat.

Not a big fan!


Happy to get her pacifier!  Posing with Gran.

I was so excited to get this little girl home!

"Let's bust out of this joint!"

Homeward bound!

Thanks to Kori for taking all the cute pics to document our departure.

We were greeted at home by our favorite little boy!  I was so happy to see him after missing him while in the hospital.

So glad we were all together!

Lane drew the sweetest picture to hang on the door.

He was so proud!

He drew a picture of Ellis and wrote her name and his name with a heart.  I love the "Z" at the end of her name.  :-)

A snapshot by Ellis' birthday flag!

And we had to take a picture with Lane's special sign, too!

We went inside so Ellis could meet the last member of her family...Scout!

Our little beauty in her coming home gown.