Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Born

A couple days after we got home from the hospital I took Ellis' "Just Born" pictures.  I bought the onesie stickers like I did for Lane that say 1 month, 2 month, and so on up to 12 months.  I also decided to use a different fabric background for each month, so I have already started collecting yard-long pieces of fabric for each session!  

Ellis looks older as a newborn than Lane did to me, and she also has more meat on her bones!  I guess she had a few more weeks to cook than him, so it makes sense!

As far as milestones and "things to remember" about this age go, it's pretty simple.  
-She eats, sleeps, wets/poops the diaper, cries, repeats.
-Nurses every 2-3 hours on demand.  Is taking to breastfeeding really well!
-Wears size newborn clothing and diapers.
-Weighed 7 lbs 3 oz when we left the hospital.
-Likes her Soothie pacifier.
-Sleeps in a little bassinet that fits in our bed between us.
-Smiles a lot for a newborn.  Mostly while sleeping but has even grinned a few times while awake!
-Loves to kick her legs.

She was really alert for her pictures and I got some cute ones!

Her 'thinking' pose

She makes the funniest faces!  This one reminds me of those old "Whasssssup" commercials!

Already has some pretty chubby cheeks!

Just lounging!

Enough is enough, Mommy!!!!

Just wanted her paci!  It looks so big compared to her little head!

Being a model is hard work!

Here are some of Lane's "Just Born" pictures for comparison.  I wonder if Ellis will end up looking like her older brother as she grows??

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