Monday, May 12, 2014

Ellis Day 2 & 2 Goals for Lane!

The morning after Ellis was born, Aunt Kori got to come meet her!  The rest of the crew headed to Lane's soccer game, but Kori couldn't wait to see the baby and kept me company since I had to miss the game.  


While she was there, Ellis had her hearing test and passed!

Looking chubby with a cute little grin!

She started smiling in her sleep the first day she was born and will grin and grin while she's dreaming.  It's the sweetest thing!  We also love her dimple.  She has one deep dimple on her left cheek and a very slight one on her right.  Her brother has 2 dimples too!

Trying on some accessories...
"This bow is a little big, Ma!"

Such a stylin' little girl in her pretty flower headband and monogrammed blanket.

This bow is juuuust right!

I was so happy to see my little soccer star after his game.  He came straight to the hospital in jersey, cleats, and all with some BIG news!!!  He scored TWO goals!  I was so happy for him, but crushed at the same time.  I had been saying all along I hoped I didn't miss his first goal while in the hospital or home with Ellis.  And I did.  :-(
He was pretty excited, but not as excited as his Daddy was!  

Kyle took some pictures on his phone and Mums got some great shots on her camera of the action.  It helped me feel like I didn't miss so much!

Team photo day!

These next couple of shots were taken right after one of his goals!  Look how excited he was!!

Talking with Daddy--perhaps after he tackled someone on the other team.  :-/

As if scoring his very first goals wasn't exciting enough, Lane was awarded the weekly sportsmanship award to put in our yard!  

So proud!!

I hate that I had to miss all the excitement!

We visited with family off and on the rest of the day.  Thankfully, they kept Lane entertained between visits to the hospital!

Mitch cheered on Lane at his soccer game and then got to meet Ellis afterwards.  It was just 4 years ago that Mitch was babysitting Lane on some of his days off of work.  Such a good uncle! 

Armstrongs with Ellis

Kori brought some cute gifts to the hospital.  A cute Easter outfit!

And she made Ellis this CUTE gown with her name appliqued on it!

Mums and Ellis

Our little "thinker"

Gran and the little lady

Kisses from big brother

I can't wait for our girls to be old enough to play together!

My favorite ladies!

Lane brought me some beautiful baby pink roses!

We had some quiet time later that afternoon and Daddy never let Ellis out of his arms.  He is pretty smitten with her!


I finally got her back.  :-)

Burping baby after a big feeding!

I have a very similar picture of me burping Lane in the hospital, but I'm afraid Ellis' cheeks beat his out!

Here's a video I took that day of Ellis' sweet smiles!  I can't get enough!

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