Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Texas Exes Football Kickoff Fundraiser

On Saturday, August 3, 2013 Kyle and I took Lane to a Texas Exes Football Kickoff Fundraiser.  Kyle bought the tickets a while back and our friends Brad and Audra went with us.  We didn't know what to expect, except that it was at an Exotic Game Ranch and they would be serving dinner.  We were pleasantly surprised when we got there!  

The decor was really pretty.  The dinner was held in a big, rustic banquet room.  It was catered BBQ from Poke-E-Joe's and was really tasty!

For dessert there were free Tiff's Treats cookies.  Kyle got Tiff's Treats one time while I was visiting him in college and we LOVED it.  They deliver hot, fresh cookies to your door.  YUM!

There was plenty to do outside.  Lane liked playing on this swing set while the guys played a game of horseshoes.

The UT cheerleaders and these cannon guys (I don't know what they are called) came.

Good thing Lane perfected his "hook 'em horns" a few weeks before!

I am proud of the shirt I wore!  I cut out the Texas shape from chevron fabric and used iron on paper to attach it to my t-shirt I have had for a long time!  A fun DIY!

Lane was hilarious around the cheerleaders.  They all flocked to him and tried to talk to him, but he was a little shy and wanted nothing to do with them.  The one in the middle here had on a crop top and her tummy was showing.  Lane asked "What happened to your shirt?"  We nearly died laughing.  He seriously couldn't figure out why she was showing her belly.

More comfortable posing with his Mommy.  :)  That's my boy!

We went on a bus tour of the property and saw all kinds of exotic deer, rhinos, birds, wallabies, kangaroos, camels, and more.

But the absolute BEST part of the night was..........
these guys!

The ranch had 2 giraffes, Spot and Stretch, who we were able to pet and feed!

Lane feeding Spot a carrot

Look at that tongue!

We loved feeding them by hand, but the tour guide showed us how to hold a carrot in your mouth and let them eat it from there.  Brad and Audra were the brave ones that tried it.  No thank you!!!

After dinner Lane had a blast on the dance floor.  It looks as if we were the only ones there, but this was near the end of the night and most of the people were either still eating or at the silent auction.

He stood with his horns up and the band interacted with him and commented on his sweet dance moves!

Cheerleaders tried to dance with him, and he politely turned them down. Haha!

He preferred solo moves.  Blurry pic because he was moving so fast!

And here are a few videos of the life of the party.  He loved strumming his air guitar!

It was such a fun night!  We will definitely try to go again next year!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spending time with the Snowdens

Kori, Mitch, and Mom were going to San Angelo to visit the Snowdens one more time before they started school, so Lane and I met them there for a couple of nights.  

The kids had fun swimming.


Lane enjoyed playing Mason's guitar.

We savored delicious snow cones.  I still haven't found any better snow cones than the ones in San Angelo!

I had fun snuggling Evin.

And playing with her!

Oh, my.  The next few smiles are out of control!

Sisters and our babies.  Not too long ago we were holding our baby dolls and playing house in Kansas, now we have our own real babies!!

And after all that fun, Lane was pretty sad to leave.  He is not good with goodbyes and gets so worked up when we have to leave loved ones.  Such a tender little heart!

Last Week of July

The last week of July was packed full of fun!  Kyle and I took Lane to Austin's version of Putt Putt thinking he would love it.  He was really into it at first, but pooped out after about 12 holes and said hew as too tired and too thirsty, so we left!  At least he had fun at the beginning!

Posing with the Pirate.  He was telling me "Something is stinky."  Can you tell by his face? Haha!

What a whack!

That same weekend Kyle and I took Lane up to the gym to swim.  I took some underwater pictures with my iPhone using my Lifeproof case that turned out awesome!

A smile for Mommy even under water!


Monday, July 29, 2013, Lane started a week of Vacation Bible School at the church school he attends during the year.  They were one of the only churches in the area that allowed 3 year olds, so I was glad Lane could go!  We went out for donuts the first morning.

 I took his picture before VBS each day and his facial expressions crack me up.  Such a forced smile!

At the end of each day, all of the kids gathered in the Sanctuary for songs and announcements, which Lane loved!  The first day I found Lane sitting in one of his teachers' laps, and each day after that he was there again.  Teacher's pet or Trouble?!?

Hat day!  He was proud of his outfit.  He picked it all out from the hat down to the shoes.

Wearing his VBS shirt on Day 3.  It was really big on him so I had to rig it a little!

Day 4:  Mis-Matched Clothes Day.  He thought it was fun to wear two different shoes!