Friday, September 27, 2013

big brother

FINALLY!!!!  The post I have been waiting to write for a very long time is here!  After a long wait, Kyle and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a new baby, due April 14, 2014.  Lane is going to be a BIG BROTHER!

*Picture taken in Laguna Beach 8/15/13*

We always knew we wanted more than one child, but waited until the timing seemed right to us and began officially trying around the holidays last year.  I had an IUD put in after I had Lane, and had it removed at the beginning of November.  We decided we wanted to try for a "fall" baby, so in December we started the process of trying for baby #2.  :)  Well, month after month, it wasn't happening.  

**Back when we decided we wanted our first child, we basically didn't even have a chance to "try!"  I found out I was pregnant with Lane the month I got off of birth control, so this waiting thing was new to me!**

I expressed concern to my doctor at my yearly checkup in March, and she seemed to think it would happen soon.  We had only been trying for 4 months at that time, and already had one child, so she thought it was bound to happen.  We continued on with countless ovulation predictor kits, tracking my basal body temperature every morning, monitoring monthly symptoms, and still, no baby.  This made me so sad for the people who have tried for years for a baby, and for those who can't even have children of their own at all.  After about 7 months, I called my doctor again and she had me come in for some blood work.  I did a day 3 blood test on the 3rd day of my cycle to test a number of things, and went in again on day 21 for a progesterone test to make sure I ovulated.  My cycles were kind of all over the place each month, sometimes being as short as 22 days and sometimes as long as 28.  The first blood test came back inconclusive.  We tried again the next cycle, and this time my blood work came back normal, indicating that I did ovulate, but proving that my ovulation time each month was unpredictable.  We had Kyle tested, and everything with him was normal, so at this point my doctor suggested I try Clomid to jumpstart ovulation and try to get me back on track.  I decided to wait one more month before resorting to drugs, and after another disappointing negative pregnancy test, Kyle and I decided to give it a try. 

I started my first round of Clomid on July 11, 2013.  I had heard all kinds of horror stories about side effects, and also was aware of the increased chance of multiples.  It was risky it seemed, but Kyle and I both agreed we wanted another baby, whether it meant one or two.  (or MORE!)  Yikes!  I had a couple of minor hot flashes while taking the medicine and felt a little off, but it wasn't as bad as I had heard it would be.  I took the medication once a day from July 11-15th.  

According to all of my monthly charting, I had predicted I could take a pregnancy test the first week of August and it would be a reliable reading.  Of course, I couldn't wait, and decided to take one on Monday, July 29th.  It was almost like my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw the faintest line ever.  I had experiences with "evaporation lines" in the past, so I didn't think anything of it.  The next morning, I took another and the same VERY faint line was there.  I really began to think "Could this be it??"  I dropped Lane off at Vacation Bible School, met a friend for coffee, and kept thinking about it all morning.  I stopped by Walgreen's to get a digital test, picked up Lane, and rushed home.  I had one more line test left, so I took it first, and that faint line had gotten a little darker!!  My heart was racing as I took the digital test and when the words "pregnant" popped up on that screen I was shaking with excitement!!
*I took this exact same picture when I found out I was pregnant with Lane.  Here is the post from my old blog from when I found out!*

The first person I told???  LANE!  I filmed me telling him and got some good footage of him asking some funny questions and making funny comments!  He immediately said there were 2 babies, a boy and a girl.  He named them Firefighter Bob and Police Girl.  We planned to surprise Kyle when he got home from work, and Lane was going to wear a "Big Brother" shirt.

I was so excited to tell Kyle!  Lane got his big brother shirt on and we waited and waited for him to come through the door.  It took him a second to catch on to the shirt, but when he did he said "Alright!!!" and we hugged and high fived.  :-)

Running to hug Daddy!

I just know Lane will make a GREAT big brother!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Wednesday, September 4th, we headed up to Lane's preschool for Meet the Teacher Night.  He is going to the same school as last year, and is in the 3 year old Tuesday/Thursday class.  He was excited to see his classroom and went straight for the toys while we chatted with his teachers and filled out forms.  His teachers Ms. Michelle and Ms. Leticia seemed so nice!  

The next morning was Lane's first day!  We got there a little early so I could snap some pics of him in front of the building.  Lane was in very good spirits and was posing away!  I ended up going overboard on the pictures, but he was so happy and cute, and I know I will treasure them.  He was definitely the most excited he has ever been about going into his classroom.


Such a little ham!

Modeling with his new backpack and lunchbox.

 There he goes!

We got inside and he was a tiny bit clingy at first, but once he saw the toys and some of his friends from last year he was just fine!

I got some kisses and hugs, an "I love you, Mommy," and that was that!  I couldn't wait to pick him up to see how his day was!  (He is still going from 9am-2pm.)

I arrived to pick Lane up bearing Nothing Bundt Cakes for his teachers.  He had a great day!  Ms. Michelle said Lane is so smart and very higher level thinking.  Music to this ex-teacher's ears!  Ms. Leticia said "He's so great!"  We will see if they still have the same glowing reviews after he gets a little bit more comfortable throughout the year.  ;-)

We are looking forward to a great year at Noah's Ark Preschool!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Evin's Heart Repair Surgery

Lane and I drove to Mansfield on Sunday, September 1, 2013 to be there for my niece, Evin's heart repair surgery which was scheduled for Tuesday the 3rd.  We were also able to celebrate Kori's birthday, which was September 5th.  Since she would be in the hospital with Evin on her actual birthday, we decided to celebrate early and all went out to dinner at Babe's.  Just thinking about Babe's makes my mouth water. It is one of my very favorite restaurants!  We were able to have a quick visit with Evin before her surgery and I took some cute pics of the two sweeties together!  

It was sad knowing that in just a couple days, this happy girl would be going in for her second open heart surgery.

Lane's turn for individual pics!

Kori and Mitch had family time with just Evin the day before her surgery.  I know it was pretty hard for them to comprehend taking her back to Cook Children's for an invasive surgery.  We all got up early on the 3rd and headed to sit with Kori and Mitch while Evin was having her procedures done.  We got to see the baby girl for a brief time before they wheeled her back to surgery.  It was pretty emotional!  After a long day of waiting, the surgery was over and was completely successful!  Evin's surgeon said it went very well and was smiling and positive.  We finally got to see her around 8pm that night.  She looked fantastic for what all she just been through.

Beautiful girl in the bow the nurses picked out for her.

We all knew Evin had a tough recovery ahead of her, but felt certain she would do great and would be ready to go home soon!  Lane and I had to leave to go back to Austin the next day, but I was able to swing by the hospital to see Evin again before we headed back.  She looked even better the next day!  
No breathing tube, just a little oxygen.  She was a bit swollen, and in some pain, but she was doing really well.  


I hated to leave her, but we had to get back to Austin for Lane's Meet the Teacher Night at his school that night.  He also started back to school the next day!  (Next blog post.)

As for Evin, she ended up taking the fast track to recovery.  She was moved out of the PICU quickly and into her own room, and only ended up having a 7 day stay at the hospital!  She is home now and doing wonderfully.  What a strong little girl!  She's my hero!  :-)

Lane's First UT Football Game

On Saturday, August 31, 2013, we took Lane to his first UT football game.  He had been to a tailgate last season, but we hadn't been brave enough to take him to the real game yet!  We decided the first game of the season would be a good one.  Luckily, Kyle was offered suite tickets from his work, so we were spoiled!  We had a parking pass, which allowed us to park right by the stadium, and enjoyed the game in the AC with food and drinks a plenty!

Before the game we hung out at the Alumni Center for a bit.  It was hot and muggy, so I was glad we were headed for a nice cool suite!

Lane  mostly wanted to climb on this statue family.  Safe?  No.

Loving on the mother.  Made me laugh so hard!

Reading a story with Mama Statue.

He has perfected his "hook 'em horns" sign!

We headed up to the suite a little before game time and enjoyed some fajitas and dessert.  It was nice that it was so kid-friendly. 

Lane actually sat and watched most of the first half with me.  Kyle kept having to "mingle," so Lane and I had some mother-son bonding time.  

I love this shot!  He got into the band songs and would cheer when the jumbo-tron said to!  He also joined in to "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You."

Lane lasted until about the end of the 3rd quarter, so we called it a night.  It was a really fun time!  I definitely got spoiled and probably won't want to go to any more games unless it involves a suite.  ;-)

I will also add that the Longhorns ended up winning the game.  It could very well be the only game they win this season with the way they have been playing since!