Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Wednesday, September 4th, we headed up to Lane's preschool for Meet the Teacher Night.  He is going to the same school as last year, and is in the 3 year old Tuesday/Thursday class.  He was excited to see his classroom and went straight for the toys while we chatted with his teachers and filled out forms.  His teachers Ms. Michelle and Ms. Leticia seemed so nice!  

The next morning was Lane's first day!  We got there a little early so I could snap some pics of him in front of the building.  Lane was in very good spirits and was posing away!  I ended up going overboard on the pictures, but he was so happy and cute, and I know I will treasure them.  He was definitely the most excited he has ever been about going into his classroom.


Such a little ham!

Modeling with his new backpack and lunchbox.

 There he goes!

We got inside and he was a tiny bit clingy at first, but once he saw the toys and some of his friends from last year he was just fine!

I got some kisses and hugs, an "I love you, Mommy," and that was that!  I couldn't wait to pick him up to see how his day was!  (He is still going from 9am-2pm.)

I arrived to pick Lane up bearing Nothing Bundt Cakes for his teachers.  He had a great day!  Ms. Michelle said Lane is so smart and very higher level thinking.  Music to this ex-teacher's ears!  Ms. Leticia said "He's so great!"  We will see if they still have the same glowing reviews after he gets a little bit more comfortable throughout the year.  ;-)

We are looking forward to a great year at Noah's Ark Preschool!

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