Friday, September 6, 2013

Mums' House

Lane and I made a trip to Mansfield August 6th-9th.  We were going on vacation to California the next week, so we made the drive for a short visit before that.  While we were there I was able to take some family pictures of Kori, Mitch, and Evin.  They turned out pretty sweet!  Here are a few faves:

After the pictures, we let Lane play at the park nearby.   He was doing his "scared" face here.


Lane played his first game of Candy Land and loved it!

Kori and I met for a pedicure and showed up looking like this:

The EXACT same outfit.  As in very same shirt and very same shorts!

I thought Lane looked so grown up here.  Wearing his Chick Fil A watch and his faux-hawk.  :)


Lane loves baking with Mums.  Anytime she makes muffins or anything like that he wants to help stir and pour.  A while back they made dinosaur shaped sugar cookies and iced them.  Now, every time Lane is there he thinks they need to make dinosaur cookies.  It ends up being quite a mess, but he always has fun!

Mixing the dough, flour on his nose.

He loves using the rolling pin


Cutting out some dinos

That night, after the cookies were baked and cooled off, they iced their creations.  Lane always chooses GREEN for his dinosaurs.


The finished products:

These were "neon green."

It's always fun times at Mums' house!

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