Thursday, September 12, 2013

California Day 3

We woke up on day 3 in California and Lane had to do some pirate work on his "ship."  Nothing cuter than a pirate in his undies!


We got dressed and headed out to breakfast.  Lane wore his "muscle shirt" and was showing off his guns.

Breakfast buffet...YUM!

After breakfast, we went into downtown Laguna to do some shopping.  Well...Daddy took Lane to the beach and a cool playground while Mommy walked around and shopped!  I got a couple of things from a cute surf shop and did some window shopping.

Then, we went back to the room to change and go swimming!  Lane loved opening our hotel door with the key.

Since we had already visited the chilly beach, we decided to hit up the pool.  It was chilly too!!  Lane enjoyed dips in the hot tub and kept saying "Ahhhhh, it's so warm!"  We lounged in our chairs and ate a light lunch from the pool cabana.

Looking the part!  Such a cool guy!

After our swim, we went back to the room for nap/shower time, and then headed out to our last dinner in Cali.  We had reservations at Splashes, which was at a resort right on the water.  It had a beautiful view and was really delicious.  Since we hadn't gotten any decent family pics while we were there, we walked down to the beach and a nice man snapped a couple for us.  He was even able to get a smile out of Lane!

I let Lane throw some bread pieces out to the birds and he loved trying to throw them into the ocean.  Made for some cute pics of him smiling in the sand!

A huge wave came up and DRENCHED his shorts.  He took it like a champ and even sat through dinner with wet pants.  (Of all the nights to forget a change of pants.  All I had with me were bright red sweatpant shorts, so we just stuck with the wet khakis!)

A sunset shot of my little man.

We finished our delicious meal and headed back to our hotel to get packed up and ready for another EARLY flight the next morning!

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