Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Evin's Heart Repair Surgery

Lane and I drove to Mansfield on Sunday, September 1, 2013 to be there for my niece, Evin's heart repair surgery which was scheduled for Tuesday the 3rd.  We were also able to celebrate Kori's birthday, which was September 5th.  Since she would be in the hospital with Evin on her actual birthday, we decided to celebrate early and all went out to dinner at Babe's.  Just thinking about Babe's makes my mouth water. It is one of my very favorite restaurants!  We were able to have a quick visit with Evin before her surgery and I took some cute pics of the two sweeties together!  

It was sad knowing that in just a couple days, this happy girl would be going in for her second open heart surgery.

Lane's turn for individual pics!

Kori and Mitch had family time with just Evin the day before her surgery.  I know it was pretty hard for them to comprehend taking her back to Cook Children's for an invasive surgery.  We all got up early on the 3rd and headed to sit with Kori and Mitch while Evin was having her procedures done.  We got to see the baby girl for a brief time before they wheeled her back to surgery.  It was pretty emotional!  After a long day of waiting, the surgery was over and was completely successful!  Evin's surgeon said it went very well and was smiling and positive.  We finally got to see her around 8pm that night.  She looked fantastic for what all she just been through.

Beautiful girl in the bow the nurses picked out for her.

We all knew Evin had a tough recovery ahead of her, but felt certain she would do great and would be ready to go home soon!  Lane and I had to leave to go back to Austin the next day, but I was able to swing by the hospital to see Evin again before we headed back.  She looked even better the next day!  
No breathing tube, just a little oxygen.  She was a bit swollen, and in some pain, but she was doing really well.  


I hated to leave her, but we had to get back to Austin for Lane's Meet the Teacher Night at his school that night.  He also started back to school the next day!  (Next blog post.)

As for Evin, she ended up taking the fast track to recovery.  She was moved out of the PICU quickly and into her own room, and only ended up having a 7 day stay at the hospital!  She is home now and doing wonderfully.  What a strong little girl!  She's my hero!  :-)

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  1. I am crying right now for y'all because I am so proud of how strong the whole family is being! You are a great sister and aunt. I love getting these updtaes on Evin. Keep 'em coming!

    The Baby Giraffe