Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vacation after a Vacation

After we got home from California I had to make a trip back to Mansfield to pick up Scout.  My mom so graciously watched her while we were gone, and was ready for her to leave, I'm sure!  Lane and I stayed a while since he was set to start school soon and this would be one of the last long visits we could have before he went back.  It was a little "vacation after a vacation!"

Shopping buddies!

Our first time to In-N-Out Burger since it came to Texas!

Proud of his Disneyland shirt he got on our vacation.

Babysitting this happy girl while her Mommy and Daddy were out and about


Hitching a ride with her big cousin!

Attempts at a cousin picture...

Patty-cake with Mums

My mom had some water balloons that we filled up for Lane to play with out back.  He absolutely LOVED them!  



Rather excited!


His "modeling" pose


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