Wednesday, September 11, 2013

California Day 2 - Disneyland!

Our hotel in Laguna Beach was only a 40 minute drive to Disneyland, so we decided to take Lane for a day.  We got there around 10am and immediately hit the rides!

First up was the teacups.  Mommy gets motion sick easily, especially on spinning teacups, so it was just Daddy and Lane on this one!


We rode Alice in Wonderland's caterpillar ride and Lane wanted to ride with Daddy again.  I got stuck in the front alone!

Standing in line for "It's a Small World."

It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, it's a small world after all,

It's a small, small world!

We hopped on the Jungle Cruise

Had a late afternoon snack

A tired Lane, not wanting a picture taken in front of the castle.

Disney Storybook ride

We met Mickey!  Lane wouldn't go by himself, so Mommy and Daddy jumped in.

As we were leaving Lane kind of desperately said "Bye bye, Mickey Mouse."  It was as if he knew he blew his chance to talk to the famous mouse!  He then got brave and gave Mickey a high five and a big smile.

What's next, Mom?

Gift shop time!  With some guidance from Dad, Lane decided on a Pirate dress up set.

Happy boy!

We sat down to wait for the parade to start and Lane practiced his pirate skills with his telescope.

Ready to see some characters on the floats!

Full pirate attire!

Here they come!

Waving to the characters

Lane was showing Tinkerbell his sword and she crossed her arms and then put her hands on her hips.  He thought it was really funny!

We also saw a show while we were there that was pretty cute, but I didn't get any good pictures from it.  We had a great time!  It was a lot hotter in Anaheim than it was in Laguna, so we were glad to get back to cooler temps that night!  We rested, took our showers, and got ready for dinner.  Lane insisted on wearing his pirate gear to the restaurant.  

What a fun day!  Looking back at the pictures, I noticed Lane wasn't smiling near as much as he normally does.  I think he was a little overwhelmed, hot, and tired.  He also is pretty unpredictable about how he will react to situations.  Sometimes I think "He'll LOVE this!" and then he could care less, and other times he goes crazy over something very simple and ordinary!  It also doesn't help that he has become very grouchy and opinionated about taking pictures.  Yay for age 3 1/2!  :)  Despite the non-smiles, he did have a great time and still talks about his favorite parts and asks when we can go back.  He said his favorite part about Disneyland was the train ride with the dinosaurs.  (We took a short train from one end of the park to the other and it passed by a dinosaur exhibit.)  See, simple and ordinary, and he LOVED it!

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