Thursday, October 9, 2014


Our little girl turned 2 months old on June 11, 2014.  She had her 2 month checkup that same day, and moved out of her house in Austin the very next day!  

As evidenced by these pictures, she is very smiley!!  


-Loves her brother and smiles when he comes around.  Hands out smiles to others often, and even likes to smile at inanimate objects!

-Loves to kick her legs and move her arms.

-Is outgrowing all newborn clothes and wears 0-3 months now.

-Has big feet!


-Likes riding in the sling with Mommy.

-Lives at Mums' house!  Will be moving to Evanston, IL next month.

-Starting to sleep longer stretches at night and is awake more during the day.

-Is still nursing exclusively and eats about every 3 hours, but is pretty much fed on demand.  Rarely takes a bottle, but when she does she eats about 4 oz.

-Mommy has to avoid Mexican food and pizza--they make Ellis very gassy and uncomfortable!

-Is gassy so often, that we have to do a trick with her legs to get the gas out!  We lay her on her back and move her legs back and forth, then push them forward towards her chest.  It works almost every time! Mommy is best at it and once got 21 toots in a row out of her!  WHOA!!

-Is happiest mid-mornings and is fussy in the evenings.

-Is still very snorty and grunty.

-Sits well in the Bumbo!

-Stretches out like Superman when taken out of carseat.

-Loves to be held on someone's hip looking out at the world, and prefers to be moving.

-Is pretty good in her carseat, but gets mad when we stop at stop lights.  Is fine while in motion.

-Her milia is starting to disappear, but she still has a few bumps.

-Still LOVES bathtime!!

-Stands really well with help.  Has strong little legs!

-Wears size 1 diapers, newborn and 0-3 mo clothes.

-Went to the Dr on May 23 (6 weeks) and was treated for an umbilical granuloma.  Basically a part of her umbilical stump didn't heal properly, so they had to dry it up with some silver nitrate.  She weighed 10 lbs 2 oz clothed.

-Weighed 10 lbs 14 oz at her 2 month checkup on June 11 and was 22 3/4 in long.

-Really wants to roll over back to tummy, but her arm gets in the way.  Won't be long!

-Truly laughed out loud at Mums when she was making a noise with her tongue close to Ellis' face.

-Tries to imitate when people make noises with their tongue.

-She drools a lot and loves to grab things with her hands.


-Makes lots of cute coo-ing sounds.  
Lane says all the time "Ellis said her first word!"  One time he said, "She said baboon!"

This little 2 month old has our heart!