Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Fun

The week after the 4th of July, Lane and I stayed to spend the week in Mansfield.  Kyle's grandma, Nonna was coming in town the next weekend, so Kyle went back to Austin for his work week, then joined us in Arlington again to see Nonna.  We had a fun, fun week!

Of course, I was happy to get to spend a week with this cutie!  Isn't she getting big!?

Mums was glad to have both of her grandkids in the same city!

We took a midweek road trip to see Paw for a day.  It was lots of driving since we drove to Brady Tuesday morning and came right back that night, but it was good to see him!

We stopped mid-way so Evin could eat.  Lane liked getting out of his car seat!

All smiles during her bottle!

Paw and his great-grandkids

I was excited to get some Joe T's while back in DFW!

Lane got a new game while we were there.  We played several rounds of "The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel" game.  I highly recommend it for kids his age.  Such a cute game!

My mom had a Groupon for a paint your own pottery place in Arlington.  We took Lane and Evin to paint a plate for her.  


Lane was happy to get to meet his buddy, Gage at Chick Fil A for lunch one day!  Gage's new baby sister, Kinsley came too!

It wouldn't be a trip to Mansfield without a dip in Mums' pool!

And of course, Scout had to join us!

Nonna got to Arlington at the end of the week, so we spent a lot of time at Claire and Danny's visiting with them!  These next pictures make me laugh so hard!  Lane got these mustaches from my friend Riley, and finally decided he wanted to wear one.  Nonna had fallen asleep in the chair and he was checking to see if she was awake!

When she woke up she found a little mustache man peeking at her!

On the Sunday we left we were able to attend Evin's baptism at our church.  She was a little upset when Pastor Mike took her out of Kori's arms, but calmed back down when Kori got her back!

Happy to be back with her Mommy and Daddy!

After the baptism we came back to my mom's for some cake and lemonade.  Evin got some pretty gifts from all of her loved ones!  Lane was happy to help her open them.  ;-)

My silly guys!

Evin and her Aunt and Uncle.  We love this girl to bits!

She looked so pretty in her little dress and sandals!

Tittle ladies

Pictures with 2 kids is getting tougher!  Lane putting a block on Evin's head and Evin looking everywhere but the camera!

The best we got...

We always have such a good time back "home!"  Lane gets pretty upset when we have to leave his grandparents.  All the more reason to return again SOON!

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