Monday, August 5, 2013


Kyle's mom, Claire has been wanting a puppy for the longest time and finally found one that fit what she was looking for.  It happened to be in Spicewood, which is right outside of Austin, so it worked out nicely!  I went to check out the puppy and it seemed perfect for her, so she decided to go for it!  My mom rode down to Austin with her to pick up her new pup, and Lane was thrilled to have BOTH of his grandmothers here for a visit!  They came in on a Thursday and just stayed one night.

Lane wanted to have a "lemonade race" with Mums at dinner.  A good excuse to drink her drink!

Playing Playmobil with Gran

Lane got to hear a bedtime story from Mums AND Gran!

Friday morning we went to pick up the puppy and brought her back to my house for a bit before they headed back to DFW.  She is a "Shorkie," which is part Yorkie and part Shih tzu.  Claire named her Sawyer! Isn't she cute?!

Lane liked her too!  Sawyer jumped up to give him some kisses.

He tried to kiss her back.  :)

New toys and a new bowl.  This dog will be spoiled rotten!

Best buddies

Lane had a blast with Gran and Mums!

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