Monday, May 12, 2014

Ellis' First Meet-N-Greet

Since Ellis was born so soon after arriving at the hospital, my mom and mother in law didn't make it to the hospital from DFW for the actual birth.  Luckily, the hospital had a rule in place that no family is allowed into the delivery room until an hour after delivery, just to give the parents some alone time with the baby and to make sure the baby is fed right away.  Just about the time our hour of alone time was ending, the grandmas arrived and were excited to meet Ellis Paige!! 

Someone else was not so excited.....
My mom sent me this picture that she took at our house when they picked up Lane to come meet his sister.  They said he was too busy playing and threw a bit of a fit about going to the hospital!!

They got Grouchy Pants into the car anyway and got to meet Ellis when she was about 2 hours old!

Meeting Mums!

And Gran!

Kyle's sister, Sara was such a HUGE help that morning.  She is the only family member we have living in Austin, and she met us at the hospital at 7am to get Lane, and took him to our house to watch him until the grandmas arrived.  She missed work that day, fed Lane breakfast, and played with him, which we are so thankful for!  It would have been a disaster with him in the delivery room had she not been able to save the day!  

Lane was much more interested in playing with toys in the hospital floor than meeting his sister, but he began warming up to her and he got more into it by the end of the visit.


Our happy family of 4!

He was not quite ready to hold Ellis, so he sat with Daddy and inspected his new sister.

Claire and Mom took Lane back home for a while and brought him back later that night for a quick visit before bed.  He was in much better spirits and was so sweet with Ellis!! He even decided he was ready to hold her.  He is already fond of kissing her and likes to get RIGHT in her face and baby-talk her.


Kyle snapped this picture on his phone and I just love it!  So thankful for these two sweeties!

Mums and her Coots grand-babies!

Lane and Ellis are very thoughtful kids and decided to get each other a present to celebrate becoming brother and sister.  :-)
Lane picked out some sweet presents for his sis including a baby doll and a pink rubber ducky.

He also picked out a finger puppet book just like the fish one that he has.  Since he is into cowboys right now, he chose a horse one for her!

Then, it was his turn to open his presents from Ellis!  She was already shopping even before birth!  ;-)
A tube of little horses and exciting!

A Big Brother book...

And his favorite gift of all---the DVD Frozen!!  He had been wanting this for so long and was thrilled to add it it his movie collection!

My sister and her family drove to Austin as soon as Mitch got off work, but sadly didn't make it in time for visiting hours.  It was torture for her to not get to meet Ellis that day!!  Kyle made a late night run to Whataburger for our dinner, and we settled in for our first night with our baby girl!

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