Saturday, May 17, 2014

Homecoming Day

Sunday, April 13, 2014 was our last day at the hospital.  We had to wait for doctor's rounds before we were discharged, so we had lots of time to kill that morning until both Ellis and my doctor came by to give us the thumbs up to go home.

I took advantage of the pretty natural light and took some pictures of our girl with her Daddy.

 Look at her long fingers!  Already wrapped around Daddy's finger.  :-)


Burp time with Mommy!

I was feeling really good by this day and was up and moving around well.  Kyle had changed most of the diapers the previous days, so now it was my turn!

A fresh diaper!

We finally got the ok to get head home, so we got Ellis all dressed up in her coming home dress.  I ordered the sweetest gown on ETSY with her monogram on it and she looked beautiful!

Baby girl did not like getting dressed!

All better!

Talking to Daddy

My mom made this cute hanger to hang on our hospital door.  I made a similar one for Kori when Evin was born and was glad they made me one, too!

A couple of family pics before we left.

Getting strapped into her new car seat.

Not a big fan!


Happy to get her pacifier!  Posing with Gran.

I was so excited to get this little girl home!

"Let's bust out of this joint!"

Homeward bound!

Thanks to Kori for taking all the cute pics to document our departure.

We were greeted at home by our favorite little boy!  I was so happy to see him after missing him while in the hospital.

So glad we were all together!

Lane drew the sweetest picture to hang on the door.

He was so proud!

He drew a picture of Ellis and wrote her name and his name with a heart.  I love the "Z" at the end of her name.  :-)

A snapshot by Ellis' birthday flag!

And we had to take a picture with Lane's special sign, too!

We went inside so Ellis could meet the last member of her family...Scout!

Our little beauty in her coming home gown.

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