Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ellis' First Week

Miss Ellis had a big first week of life!  On Monday, April 14--her due date, we took her to her first Dr. appointment with Dr. Wagner.  At just 3 days old, she checked out healthy as can be.  

Our big girl weighed 7 lbs 3.5 oz, which was about the same she weighed when she went home from the hospital the day before.  The Dr. was very pleased with her weight.  I was concerned with her jaundice level since her big brother had jaundice issues at his first checkup, but her level was at a 13.1 and the Dr. said there was no treatment needed.  Whew!

Safe in Daddy's arms after her heel prick.

Later that night, her sweet brother laid next to me while I fed Ellis and she grabbed right onto his hand.

Feeding one baby and snuggling the other!  He likes to use the boppy as his pillow!

Lane wore his "Big Brother in Charge" shirt to school on Tuesday and was so proud and happy to take along some pictures of Ellis to show his teachers and classmates.  He was also very excited that Daddy got to take him to school instead of Mommy.


Already loves to suck her fingers!

Our diaper champ dirtied her length in diapers one night!  She was up wanting to eat every 2-3 hours that first week and needed lots of changes!

Mums stayed for a few days to help out after we brought Ellis home.  She was a big help with laundry, meals, and keeping Lane entertained.

Taking her first bottle!  She took it well and went right back to nursing the next time she ate.  Didn't confuse her one bit!

Lane and Mums baked cookies one night for Easter.  He decorated some bunny rabbits and also decided to add in some baby carriages and duckies in honor of his new baby sister. 

Sneaking a taste ;-)  I think most of Lane's cookies had a "secret ingredient" of his saliva.  Yum!

Lounging with Dad

We got a lot of wonderful gifts from friends and family in the weeks after Ellis' birth.  A delivered dinner, lots of cute clothes and toys, and these pretty tulips! 

Ellis is one of the happiest newborns I've ever seen!  I caught lots of smiles from her early on.

Saying goodbye to Mums on Wednesday the 16th.  Thank you for all of your help!

On Thursday, Lane had his Easter egg hunt at school.  He looked pretty handsome and came home with lots of eggs filled with treats.  He even shared some with Mommy and Daddy when we picked him up that day!

Kyle and I went together to pick him up and took Ellis on her first "outing."  She got to go into the school in her carrier to get her big brother, and we stopped by the driving range on the way home so Kyle and Lane could hit some balls.  Kyle had been promising Lane he would take him while he was off work. 

Ellis and I stayed in the car and watched the boys hit!

After golf, both kiddos took a nice, long nap.  I love these two so very much!

On Thursday night, Ellis got her first bath!  We couldn't submerge her because her umbilical stump hadn't fallen off yet, but she got a nice sponge bath and LOVED it.

She just sat there, so content.  I couldn't believe she never cried!  Lane HATED his first bath, so I guess I was expecting the worst.  To this day, she still loves her bath and is most content while soaking in a warm tub!

Her first bath also differed from Lane in that she looks so much bigger than he did!  Look at those cheeks and chins!

All clean!

More smiles for Mommy at only 6 days old!

Dressed and ready for bed

And she promptly tee-tee'd on her cute gown and needed to be changed again!  Lane was happy to help out!

Late that night, Kori, Evin, and Mums arrived.  Kori had off work Good Friday and wanted to see Ellis again and celebrate Easter with us, so Mom came back as well.  Our Easter weekend recap is up next!  Someday I will get caught up on this blog.  :-)

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