Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

This could go down as the longest post in history.  When you have a new baby, a cute 4 year old playing soccer, family in town, and Easter holiday in the same weekend, the camera is bound to come out and be clicking away!

We started off our weekend with an early soccer game on Saturday morning.  (4-19-14)
Lane had quite a crowd there to watch him, and unfortunately this picture pretty much sums up his mood for the game.  Pops and Trent drove in to Austin very, very early to catch the game, Sara came, and Gran, Kori, and Mums were still in town to come watch as well.  We had high hopes for him to score another goal like the last week so I could see it, but it just wasn't in the cards this time!

Despite his pouty mood in the beginning of the game, he cheered up a bit and had some fun.  

He never really cared about the actual game this week.  Instead, he made funny faces with his teammates...

And stood around a lot, kicking in dirt piles.

We weren't very happy with his attitude about playing this week, but have to understand he is only 4 years old AND had a new baby sister at home, plus a bunch of family there to watch him.  Lots of pressure for a little guy.

I was glad I got to make it to the game, even though we had a 8 day old baby.  Ellis snoozed away in the baby carrier the whole time.

Lane's cheering crew (minus Kyle who took the pic.)

After the game we went home to relax a bit.  Pops got to hold Ellis for the first time!

He affectionately calls her "Little Precious" to go along with his "Little Man," Lane.

Aunt Sara and Baby E

These grandparents love their grandbabies!

Later that afternoon, Kyle, Trent, and Danny took Lane to the Longhorns Orange and White game.  Lane looked absolutely adorable in his baseball cap and new "Bevo shoes," as he calls them!


Kyle texted me this picture of our tiny fan with a HUGE hook 'em hand.  Lane was pretty pleased with this purchase!  He also indulged in a hot dog bun...with no weenie.  Such a picky little goober!

While the boys were gone, Sara, Claire and I stayed home with baby girl.  I took some cute pictures of our little bunny since Easter was the next day.

Lane was so anxious to use some of his confetti eggs on Trent and Pops.  Mums brought them to him, and he had done some the day before, but wanted to save some to get Trent and Danny!

When he got outside, he was surprised to see that Pops and Trent had already found the egg stash and smashed Lane first!  He got a good laugh out of it and quickly got revenge!


Yikes, Trent!

They spent most of the evening out in the front yard playing washers and letting Lane ride his police car.

The next morning was Easter Sunday.  Check out all the goodies that the Easter Bunny brought Lane and Ellis!

Ellis got some baseball paci's, a toy rattle, a new swimsuit with a matching hat, and some heart shaped sunshades!

And for Lane...Some WOW! toys, a new swimsuit and rash guard, and some baby aviators!

This boy loves him some WOW! toys.

Check out this tough guy!  He said "These are REAL cop glasses!"  Perfect for cruising around in his patrol car.

Baby sis looked on as her brother went through his bucket.

Sweet girl with her stash from the Easter Bunny

She has a little bit of growing to do before her shades will fit!

Holding hands on Easter morning.  Doesn't get much cuter than that!

My cute little rabbit!

Lane quickly went outside when he realized the Easter bunny also left some eggs!

The grass was a bit wet, so he wore his new rain boots!

Mommy also hid the eggs that we dyed the day before.

Reaching up high for an egg!

And reaching down low, too!

After Lane found all the eggs, he got to open another Easter basket.  This time, from Gran and Pops!

He loved this little chick that chirps when sitting in the palm of your hand.


His favorite gift was this blue Easter bouncy ball.  He played with this thing for hours that day!

Too sleepy for more presents!

Uncle Trent getting some Ellis snuggles before they headed home to Arlington.

After all of our company left, we took a nice family nap and then woke up to get ready for Easter dinner.  I was so excited to dress the kids up for their first holiday together!  Lane looked so cute in his pink monogrammed shirt and bowtie, and Ellis wore the tiniest smocked bubble!  So precious!


Some with the flash, and without the paci!




Looking good, Lane!

Our neighbor took some family pictures before we left for dinner.  Lane had on his best fake smile! 

We went to Jack Allen's for dinner, and Kyle took this picture of Lane at the table.  He had to bring along his Cowboys and Indians to play with while we waited on the food!

When we got home, Lane was shocked to see that he had yet another Easter basket waiting for him.  Mums had left a basket for each kiddo before she went back home to Mansfield the day before.

New jammies!  Alright!

Ellis with her basket from Mums.

Lane was happy to show his sister all of her goodies.

I snapped a few more pics of Ellis before I changed her into her pi's for the night.  She just looked so sweet in her Easter best!  These are all on my iphone, and not the best quality.

It was such a special Easter with our new baby girl!


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