Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ellis Paige Coots {Newborn Pictures}

On Thursday, April 24th, we took Ellis to have her newborn pictures taken with Ella Bella Photography in Austin.  Ellis was 13 days old.  The photographer, Elle Mendenhall, lived less than 5 minutes from our house, and her studio was in an upstairs bedroom.  We took a couple of sibling pictures, a couple of family pics, and the rest were of our baby girl!  

I was really interested in the "workflow" of things.  I have photographed adults and children for years, but have never done a full-on newborn session.  Elle had it down to an art and was quick and efficient. I got to choose the different backdrops I wanted and picked lots of cute accessories for her to use.  I also brought a few hats and bows of my own for her to incorporate.  Lane was really good and had his smile on command working that day!

I love this picture of my sweet family!  So thankful.

Mommy and Daddy with Ellis Paige


The rest of the session was dedicated to Ellis.  She was so good, and Elle said the session couldn't have gone better!  Of course, I have my favorites, but I think all of them turned out beautiful.  We love you, Ellis Paige Coots!

Probably my favorite from the session!

I love this one with her eyes open.  Giving the stare down!

Sweet, tiny smiles!

One of my other faves!

My mom bought this sweet flower headband and wrap before Ellis was born to use in her newborn session.  My cute little cocoon!

Tiny tootsies!

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  1. these are beautiful Kyla! such a great little family.