Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Big 3-1 and Ellis' First Roadtrip!

Kyle's family left on Easter Sunday to head back to Arlington.  We had a pretty busy and hectic week ahead of us!  Our house was getting ready to be put on the market, so we had lots of people in and out of our home.  Realtors, the home-owners (since we were renting,) and repair men of all sorts.  It was pretty stressful, for sure!  This was also my birthday week, and we had Ellis' newborn pictures scheduled.  At the end of the week we took Ellis on her first road trip back to DFW!  Busy, busy!

Our sleeping beauty

Lane had his class pictures this week at school.  I was certainly pleased that he smiled for the photo!  He looks so handsome!  He really has had a great year at Noah's Ark Preschool and loves his teachers, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Leticia.  His best buddies from his class are Stone--in the Batman shirt by Lane, and Avery--the little girl on the far right of the bench.  

Lane had been doing a great job of sleeping in his own bed before Ellis was born.  I was sleeping upstairs in the guest bedroom down the hall from him and he would literally get in his own bed, get a kiss goodnight, and listen to his Frozen soundtrack until he fell asleep every night.  I wasn't even having to lay with him anymore and he was staying in his bed all night long!  THEN, little sis came along and lots of visitors were staying the night with us.  While Mums and Gran were here, he slept with them, and his great sleeping routine was thrown off.  After they all went home, he decided he was scared to sleep upstairs again and we ended up letting him sleep on an extra mattress on the floor by our bed.  It just wasn't worth the battle, considering his little life had just been turned upside down with the arrival of a new sibling.  Not to mention, we would be moving in just a few weeks.  Whatever works, right!?

Lane's temporary bed set-up in our floor.  A 3,000 sq foot home, and all 4 of us, plus the dog, sleeping in one room.  Crazy!

Smiley sister!

My, what big eyes you have!

Her favorite place to be--snuggled up to Mommy!

Proud big brother holding Ellis!

Night, night Ellis!  We are so glad Kori let us borrow Evin's Rock N' Play Sleeper.  Ellis sleeps great in it!

This baby loves to suck!  Haha!  If she isn't eating, she wants a pacifier or a finger in her mouth.  Tummy time usually consists of her sucking her hands, arms, and fingers, or licking the blanket she's laying on looking for milk.  Lane always says "Silly Ellis!  There's no milk in there!"

I turned 31 on Wednesday, April 23rd.  Ellis got all dressed up to go out to dinner with the family to celebrate!

We decided to try a fairly new restaurant that we had been wanting to go to since it opened.  Winflo is a little house on 6th St that was made into a restaurant.  Can you spy Kyle?? 

We sat out on this little patio and it was a breezy, cool, April night.  Kyle and I commented on how it was actually a bit chilly!  My favorite weather for a patio dinner--not too hot, but not too cold!

With my crew before we sat down to eat.
After dinner, Lane, Ellis, and Kyle gave me some sweet cards and Lane presented me with the gift he picked out all by himself for my birthday.  A "classy" UT tank top that looked suitable for a 19 year old.  Kyle graciously left the receipt in the bag so I could exchange it for something a little more practical.  (But not before I tried it on for Lane to see, of course.) 

Little bit can go from frowns to grins in a matter of seconds!

We had Ellis' newborn pictures taken on Thursday the 24th, and left later that day to head to Mansfield.  This was Ellis' first road trip, and I was glad that Kyle was able to come along to drive us and help out if needed.  Ellis slept the whole way until Hillsboro when she lost it.  We pulled over so she could eat, and got to Mansfield that night.  Traveling with littles isn't ideal, but we made it!

The next day, Lane was begging to get in the pool!  Still too cold, buddy!  

He settled for playing a little dress up instead.  Pretending to be Diego, from "Go Diego, Go!"  He had his cross body "rescue pack" and flashlight, along with an adventure hat.  He made the best of a coach purse and girly hat.  This kid never ceases to make me laugh! 

Ellis made herself at home at Mums' and played on the floor for a little while.


My mom made my all time favorite cake--her famous "Every Day Good Chocolate Cake," and we indulged that night.  I was looking pretty haggard when cake time came around.  I had already showered for the night and was in my boxers and t-shirt.  Yikes.  It's the memory that counts, though, right?!

Mom, Kyle, and Lane sang Happy Birthday to me.

I think year #31 will be a pretty exciting one!

Our growing girl later that night after bath time.

BIG stretch!!!  She loves to stretch those arms way up high.

Lane loves to get right in her face and baby-talk her.  She mostly just looks at him like he's crazy!

He sweetly read her some bedtime stories!

Daddy finished off the stories before we turned in for the night.

The next day we went over to Claire and Danny's to visit with Kyle's aunt, uncle, and cousin, who were in town for a basketball tournament.  Ellis looked adorable in her bright outfit and tiny cardigan!

Ellis and Kyle's Aunt Laura

Kyle's youngest cousin, Olivia, was the one in the basketball tournament.  She loved holding Ellis and was so sweet with her and Lane.

After our visit with Kyle's family, we got ready for my birthday dinner with my family.  Gotta stretch my birthday celebrations out as much as possible! ;-)  

We went to PF Changs, where the food was great, but our service was not.  We barely made it through a very long dinner with Lane, Ellis, and Evin.

Ellis looking adorable in the cute gown that Kori made her!

Catching a catnap on Daddy's shoulder.  The sweetest!

A little donut bandit with his breakfast on the go!

Bows, ric-rac, and monograms.  Irresistible on a little girl!

On Sunday morning, the Bays fam came to meet Ellis for the first time.  It was pretty thoughtful of them to drive all the way from Dallas just to see her for a few minutes.  We loved seeing Abigail!

Daddy's girls!

Lane took Abigail for a ride on Trigger and she loved it!

Carrie brought Ellis the cutest gift...a bubble just like Abigail has on with Ellis' monogram on it.  I can't wait for her to fit into it so our girls can match!

Our marathon weekend continued that afternoon when we went back over to the Coots' house to celebrate Claire's birthday.  We ended up just ordering in food and spending time at their house.

Gran and her grand baby girl

The best picture we could get of the 3 of them.  Lane was too busy to pose properly and Ellis was a bit upset!  Happy birthday, Gran!

Ellis wore her cupcake onesie in honor of Gran's big day and looked pretty cute!


Kyle drove back to Austin on Sunday evening and the kids and I stuck around for one more day.  Lane was set to have his school music program that Tuesday, so my mom offered to drive us back to Austin on Monday so she could stay to watch his show.  Lane helped her plant some flowers in her rock planter in the front flower bed before we headed to Austin.  He has gotten to be quite the little gardener!  He loves digging and planting and told me that one of the things he is really good at is "gardening."  I sure wish his Papa John were here to see him in action.  He would be awfully proud of this little gardener!

Proud of his hard work!

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