Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Ellis Paige turned one month old on May 11, 2014, which also happened to be Mother's Day.  I remember the first month going by SOOO fast with Lane, and it was no different with Ellis!

At 1 month, Ellis:

-Loves to eat!  Is exclusively fed breast milk every 2-3 hours.  Likes to "snack" during the day and is pretty demanding!  Almost always nurses, but has taken down a 3 oz pumped bottle with ease.

-Has a loud "hungry cry" that sounds like "Ah, ah, ah Ahhhhhhhh!"

-Is very alert and has funny faces and expressions.

-Started truly smiling this month.  Gives Mommy grins the most, but dishes smiles out to Daddy and Lane as well!

-Has one deep dimple on left cheek and a slight one on the right.  We love our dimpled babies!

-Loves her pacifier, but gets so frustrated when it falls out, which is often!  Still prefers the Soothie pacifier.

-Has fuzzy, soft hair, especially on top.

-Still has the little, white milia bumps on her face.


-Likes her swing.

-LOVES her bath!  Has never once cried during bath time, but doesn't care for getting dried off and dressed.

-Recognizes some voices and faces.

-Started holding her head up really well and rolled over 2 times during tummy time a week after her 1 month birthday.  

-Met her great grandmother, Nonna, for the first time and attended her first wedding in Brady.

-Sleeps about 4-5 hours at night and even had a couple of 6 hour stretches!


-Wears size 1 diaper now.  (As of about 2 wks old.)

-Still wears size newborn clothing but can fit in some 0-3 month.

-Has a big head!  Lots of the headbands I bought her are already a bit tight!


-Sleeps swaddled at night, but prefers arms out.  Sleeps in the Rock & Play by our bed.

-Is a very gassy baby.  Toots a ton!  Lol!

-Makes a kissy face when pooping!

-Travels pretty well in her carseat.  Mostly sleeps when out and about, and even though she cried during our first shopping trip to the mall, she got lots better and is a good shopper now!


-Rolled over twice during tummy time on 5/18/14.  Wants to roll over back to tummy, but her arm gets in the way.

Happy 1 month birthday, Ellis!

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