Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ellis' First Trip to San Angelo & Brady

The kids and I made a quick weekend trip to San Angelo/Brady the weekend of May 9th.  We had lots of showings planned for our house that weekend and we were invited to a wedding in Brady, so the kids and I took off that Friday.  Kyle had to work Friday, so he stayed behind.  

I was super excited to get a snow cone in San Angelo!  They have the best snow cone stand ever, and I always look forward to indulging in a strawberry colada with cream!  Lane and Marley went for blue coconut.  :)

The Snowdens hadn't met Ellis yet, and they were anxious to get their hands on her!

Marley loves babies!  Especially baby girls.  :)

We only stayed in San Angelo Friday night and were going to go back through Brady for the wedding and to visit Paw on the way home.  Lane went to play at Mason and Marley's early that morning before we left for Brady.  Tiffany sent me a cute video and this pic of Lane and Mason riding the four wheeler. 

A quick picture with Kathy before we left for Brady.  Thanks, Kathy, for letting us crash your house for the night!  

We got to Brady Saturday afternoon and quickly got ready for the wedding.  My dad's nephew's daughter, Brenna, was getting married.  We were happy to get to see my Uncle Mel and Aunt Vera and my cousin Elise's two sweet kids, Haley and Ryan!  Haley is such a pretty, grown-up girl now, and loved holding the babies!

Ryan was so cute and carried on lots of conversations with me and Lane, mostly centered around sports!

I was so glad that Aunt Vera and Uncle Mel got to meet Ellis!

Kori and Evin Kate

Me and my wild man

All dressed up!

We tried to get some pictures at Paw's house after the wedding.


We tried hard for a group photo! 

At least we tried...

Ellis looked adorable in her fancy dress and cardigan!

Mums and her youngest grand baby

Good one, ladies!

I bought Lane a cheap army dress up set and he enjoyed showing Paw his gear.  Paw taught him all about hand grenades and told him some of his old war stories!  I LOVED this moment!

A couple of tough soldiers!!


Ellis and her special, great-grandpa!

I changed Ellis into some comfy clothes before our ride back home to Austin.  She got nice and snuggly with Kori!

It's always nice catching up with Paw.  Yes, he is my only grandfather, but I couldn't have asked for a better one!  Lane was so upset about leaving.  He hates saying goodbyes and doesn't do well with them at all!  Poor fella!

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