Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Meeting Nonna

We traveled to Mansfield/Arlington the weekend of May 15-19th.  Kyle's grandmother was coming in town from Tomball and was anxious to meet Ellis for the first time.  The kids and I came in on Thursday the 15th and Kyle came Friday-Sunday and brought his own car filled with stuff to put in storage before the move.

Looking adoringly at brother one morning!

She probably won't always look at him so adoringly, because of things like this:

After I got the kids dressed, Lane proudly showed me that he handcuffed Ellis.  What a sleepy convict he caught!  A little milk bandit!

Lane was excited to have Evin spend the night at Mums' that Thursday night since Kori had to work the next day and Mom was keeping Evin.  Kori asked me to send her a picture text of Evin and I got this cheesy smile of her wearing some of Lane's hand me down jammies that we keep at Mums' house!

On Friday, we headed to Pops and Gran's house to see Nonna.  I love getting to spend time with her!  She always cooks delicious treats and meals and has such interesting stories about her past.  I sure wish Ellis and Lane could have met their other great grandmothers, Mammaw, Granny, and Ginks!

Lane always takes a while to warm up to Nonna, but once he does, he is talkative and silly for her!

The weather was so nice for mid-May in Texas, so we all went out to the deck and watched Lane play that evening. He loved playing with Gran's dog, Sawyer!

Isn't Sawyer cute?!  She's full of personality!

Getting some snuggles in with her Daddy.

And sharing some with Mommy, too!

Oh, Lane!

That's better!

Ellis and Mums.  I love this one!

And a cute pic with the babies and their other grandma!

Our little crabby pants looking pretty cute!

I love sleepy babies!

Back at Kyle's parents' house the next day.  Lane loved boxing on Trent's punching bag!

Ellis enjoying being out in the warm sun!

Goodbye hugs for Nonna

Little muscles sleeping on Aunt Kori's legs!

Lane went to Kroger with Mums and begged to ride in the race car cart.  She snapped this picture of him--asleep at the wheel!

Sleepy smiles at midnight.  I remember her being so happy that night after her last feeding.

I took this picture of Lane's eye while he was about to take his nap.  Why can't we all have such beautiful eyelashes??

Tummy time stinks!!


Lane decided she probably just needed some attention from him!


Our little trickster knows that when tummy time is tiring, just roll over!!

Much happier on her back!

Lane loves playing games, and has found a new love for the game Old Maid.  It is absolutely hilarious to play with him because with him, you ALWAYS know if he has the old maid or if he gets rid of it.  He either has a huge smile on his face or a pouty face, depending on where the Old Maid is!!  Mom got him this handy card holder at Wal-Mart that works so well for him.  Now if we could just get him to keep a straight face when the Old Maid is around...

We were all color coordinated the day we left, so I had Mom take some pictures of us in the backyard.  Ellis was the more willing participant, so she got to be in more photos! 

My loves!

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