Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week in Pictures {May 5 - May 9, 2014}

Cinco de Mayo fell on a Monday this year, and though I wasn't out celebrating with margaritas and Mexican food, I did dress up Ellis in her little Senorita dress!  Lane had a Polo that coordinated perfectly, so I went out into our newly fenced and sodded backyard for some photos.  I can tell that family pictures from here on out will be an extreme challenge!  

Poor, Ellis!

Kisses from brother and a photo bomb by Scout


They looked pretty cute in their blue and yellow!

Holding hands!

Lane is a "one shot, and done" kind of guy, so he smiled perfectly for his alone shot.  Good boy!

And Senorita Ellis gave Mommy a few poses to work with!

Lane has been craving attention ever since Ellis got here, so one morning while Ellis was still asleep, I sat down for breakfast with him while he ate his donut.  I will always remember our alone times together before he became a big brother! 

Ellis got this adorable swimsuit from Kori, and Evin had a matching one.  I decided to try it on, thinking it would fit her perfectly because it was a size NB.  Our sexy girl filled it out a bit too much!  I was so sad when I tried to exchange it for a different size and it was no longer in stock.  

So sad that she will never get to wear it!

One afternoon, we went out to the back porch to draw with sidewalk chalk.  Lane and I got creative and got some cute pics!

Making a chalk tower city!

His favorite part of all was when I let him hose off the chalk.

Lane had a dentist appointment this week and did great as always.  I really love his dentist here in Austin, and so does Lane!

He let them do a full cleaning as well as the flouride treatment.  Big guy!

No cavities again!

This was also the week that our house went on the market.  We had a few showings, as well as an open house planned.  Getting out of the house with a 4 year old, a newborn, AND a dog for 4 hours proved to be pretty tricky.  We camped out in the car for a while, and I fed Ellis while Lane watched Frozen on the car DVD player. 

One big, happy family displaced from their home!

We stopped at P. Terry's for a lemonade and they gave Scout this giant bone.  She is so funny about treats.  Most times she just keeps them in her mouth for the longest time until she is ready to eat them.  Sometimes she hides them in corners or underneath blankets and clothing, and we find them days later. Silly dog!

The current owners of our house were nice enough to invite us over for dinner during the last part of the open house.  They welcomed us to their beautiful home and grilled salmon and chicken with lots of yummy sides.  Lane had fun playing with their little girl, who was just about his age.  When we got home that night, Lane made a BAD choice and turned the lock to our bedroom doorknob, then closed it behind him.  We were then locked out of our bedroom for about 45 minutes while we scrambled to get the lock opened.  We tried everything from paperclips and bobby pins, to clothes hangers and credit cards.  Nothing was working.  Just as we were about to call a locksmith, Kyle jammed the knob down and it magically popped open.  Lane was told to sit in timeout on the stairs during the ordeal, and ended up passing out!  This was actually the 3rd time this has happened.  He locked us out of our hotel bathroom in St. John a few summers ago, locked our master closet door behind him once, and now this.  He can be such a toot sometimes!!  We had a long, long talk about it and Kyle and I both handled it a bit differently!  I was fuming mad, since it had happened twice before and he knew better, (plus my hormones were probably out of whack after giving birth) and Kyle was playing the "understanding parent" role and telling Lane, "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed in you."  To this day, Lane still talks about the incident and says "Daddy wasn't mad, he was just disappointed."

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