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Week in Pictures {4/28/14-5/2/14}

After our weekend trip to Mansfield for my birthday, mom, the kids, and I rode back to Austin together on Monday, April 28, 2014.  Lane had his spring school program on Tuesday, April 29, so Claire drove down to watch as well!  Lane had been practicing his 2 songs for months now, and I was so excited to see if he would really sing this year!  He did pretty well at his Christmas program earlier this year, so I had high hopes.  His little class was singing "Jump for Joy" and "See ya Later, Alligator."  He knew both songs word for word and looked so cute up on the stage!  We were all pleasantly surprised that he sang, smiled, and did all the hand motions!  Go Lane!

Giving a little wave when he spotted us in the crowd!

Singing away!

I forgot the actual video camera, so I was switching between using my video setting and photo setting on my camera.  I didn't get great photos, but I am so glad I got video of our little performer!

Press Play to hear "See ya Later, Alligator!"

A few more my mom snapped with her camera.

We stopped by Lane's classroom after the program to let him say bye to Mums, who was leaving to go back home directly after.  Gran was staying a couple of nights to spend time with Lane and help out with Ellis.  Lane is so lucky to have such loving grandmothers who will travel hours in the car just to watch a short program!  He was pretty excited to have them both there at the same time!  He gave some quick hugs and happily headed back into his room for the rest of the school day!

Later that same day, little Miss Ellis had her 2 week checkup.  I was so excited to see her growth and see what all the doctor had to say.

Waiting to be called back!

Ellis was so funny at her appointment!  She kept grinning.  Like literally, smiling for the nurse.  Earlier that morning, I got a legitimate smile from her when my mom was holding her and I walked over and started talking to her.  Mom witnessed it and we both thought it counted as a real smile!  When she continued grinning for the nurse that afternoon, I knew it was the real deal and not just gas.  The nurse commented on how she's never seen a 2 week old smile that way.  I caught one mini grin on camera while she had her temp taken.  I love her to death!

Dr. Wagner was really pleased with Ellis' weight gain since her last checkup, and even joked and said "Well, it looks like someone's been enjoying some milk!"  She weighed 8 lbs 5 oz -- up from 7 lbs 8 oz at birth.

Her length was 20 3/4 in long, up from 20 in even at birth.

Me and my girl!

Enjoying her paci while we waited.  It looks so big for her little head!

Ellis wore one of Evin's hand me downs for her appointment.  It is one of my very favorite outfits we have borrowed so far!

Pretty little lady!  Healthy and perfect!

After the appointment, I left Ellis with Claire and went to pick up Lane from school.  He hardly ever naps during school rest time because it is earlier than he is used to napping, but after Ellis was born, he all of a sudden started falling asleep there!  I guess baby sister was making him tired! 

Claire and I tackled some laundry and household chores that afternoon, and we met Kyle and Sara for dinner downtown after they got off work.  We nearly didn't make it when I couldn't find parking, got flustered, and accidentally drove the wrong way on a one way street.  (South Congress, to be exact.)  Not my finest moment!!!!!  I guess I had newborn mom-brain and wasn't thinking clearly. 

We finally found a place to park and had a nice meal at Gloria's, which is on the bottom floor of Kyle's office building.  After dinner, Kyle took us upstairs to the top floor to show his mom and sister his office.  It has beautiful views of the city on its 2 balconies, and Lane loves going up there because the break room has tons of free snacks and drinks.  :)

View of the Capitol and the UT Tower

I made Kyle take a picture next to the A.V. sign, since he would be leaving the company soon to go back to school.  He has loved working there! 

Lane doesn't ask to hold Ellis often, but was so sweet this particular morning and wanted to!  He didn't hold her for long at all, but it was sweet while it lasted!

Lane wanted to introduce the "silky" to Ellis.  He has had his silkies since he was her age and I don't know if he will ever give them up.  He is so attached at bedtime and often wants to chew on them, so I was hesitant to get Ellis hooked on one.  It really helped Lane settle down and sleep well when he was  a baby, so I went ahead and bought Ellis one before she was born to see if she would be as interested in it as Lane was.  She doesn't care too much about it yet, but maybe she will grow to love it like him!


Another one of Evin's outfits!  The tiny skinny jeans are to die for!!!

In the middle of this week, I ended up having to go to my doctor for a checkup unexpectedly.  Claire had left the day before, and it was a Wednesday, so Lane wasn't at school.  I ended up having to take the kids along with me!  I was nervous about it, but they surprised me and did great.  Ellis made it through--sleeping in her carseat almost the entire time! 

I let Lane take the ipad out of desperation and he was thrilled when "Let it go" from Frozen came on over the speakers in the waiting room!

Of course, the one time I take both kids along, the doctor was running behind and we had quite a wait.  Ellis got a bit restless and Lane was so helpful.  He sat and rocked her carrier with his foot for a good 10 minutes to help keep her calm.

The weather was so nice for late April and we took Ellis on her first walk one evening to the pizza place down the street from our house.  It was a fun family night!

This was a crazy week at home, with repair men, window washers, landscapers, and painters in and out all day.  Getting the house ready to be put on the market was a chore.  Especially since we weren't even the owners!  I took this picture just to remember how inconvenient it was to have people in your home all day with a newborn baby and 4 year old!  To make matters worse, the painters did a poor job the first time and used paint that clearly didn't match to do touch ups.  They had to come back a second time to fix their mistake.  Ugh!

Happy girl in her swing!  She was eating about once every 2-3 hours at this point and had a few moments throughout the day where I could put her down in between feedings and she would stay content while awake.


Her favorite way to sleep!  Arms up!

I loved this bathtub for the newborn stage.  It is a foam insert that fits in any sink.  It held just the right amount of water, was comfy for Ellis, and was easy to drain and dry.  It is the puj tub.  Highly recommend!

Sweet girl smiling in the tub!

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