Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week in Pictures {May 12 - May 16, 2014}

Just some quick iphone pictures from this week that I didn't want to leave out!

Ellis has some major blowouts!  Way more than Lane ever did.  I moved up a size in diapers each time they got bad and that seems to help a little bit!  The poop goes up the front, side, back...wherever it can get out!  Good thing this little girl has an endless supply of outfits to change into!

Loves to suck her fingers.  She isn't skilled enough to get the same one in each time, but will take whatever she can get.  Sometimes it's the first two, sometimes the middle two, and every now and then she can get her thumb in.  She sucks on them so loudly and drools everywhere!  I always try to replace those sticky fingers for a pacifier.

We made a trip to the Austin Library this week.  Lane loves visiting the library and picking out books.  His idea of choosing books is to just pull random ones off the shelf and check them out no matter what the book is about.  I try to guide him to age appropriate books I think he will enjoy, but sometimes his way wins out!

Ellis was snug as a bug in the Ergo carrier, which I have been loving so far!  She loves being snuggled in there and it's nice for me to be hands-free!

It was a good day for navy stripes!  

Sweet siblings!

Lane continued to nap almost every day at school after Ellis was born.  Being a big brother is exhausting!

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