Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Last weekend Kyle and I had the chance to go to Las Vegas to see  Garth Brooks with people from his work.  We drove to Dallas Friday night to have dinner with Kyle's family to celebrate his birthday.  We had a delicious Italian dinner at Campisi's and then drove back to Arlington to stay the night before our flight the next morning.  We flew out Saturday morning and only stayed one night, but it was well worth it!  

We stayed at the Trump Tower, which was really nice!  We met the group for brunch after we arrived and then I shopped around the mall attached to our hotel while Kyle watched sports in the sports book. Then we got ready for dinner and the show!  

This concert was absolute greatness!  We had excellent seats on the 4th row, so we were so close to Garth!  Photos inside were not allowed, but I snuck a few in at times when nobody was looking. ;)
He did a timeline of his life, singing songs that inspired him along the way and capped it off with some of his biggest hits.  It was all acoustic, just him and his guitar!  So cool!

Garth asked the audience who all had ever seen his live tour and this lady stood up with a huge poster of her dancing with him in some small honky tonk in Victoria, TX.  He asked if the poster was for him and she said yes.  Next thing you know, he had her sign the poster to him and said "When someone gives you something, you should give them something back." And he unstrapped his guitar right off his back, signed it and handed it down to her.  She was so excited!

Kyle and I knew almost every song he sang, and the whole audience was singing along!

Near the end, Tricia Yearwood came out for a couple of songs.  They sang "In Another's Eyes" and then she sang "She's in Love with the Boy."

We left Sunday morning--Kyle flew back to Austin and I flew back to DFW since Lane was with grandparents.  Thanks to Gran, Pops, and Mums for watching the little guy while we were gone!  

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