Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Costumes

I am having a hard time deciding on Lane's Halloween costume this year.  I have about 8 different ideas floating around in my head but can't decide on which one to do!  He has a Halloween parade at his school this year so his costume needs to be suitable to wear for hours at school, and also weather appropriate.  I have one costume I am almost 100% set on, but it would probably be too warm and not easy enough to get off and on for using the potty at school.  Maybe he will just have 2 costumes this year!!  A school one that is easy and simple and the other my original idea.  What will he be?  You'll have to wait and SEE!

Here are his costumes from years 1 and 2.  Both precious, but the referee will probably always be my favorite!

 Year 1 - Baby Chef!

Year 2 - Football Referee