Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sweetberry Farm

Last Friday Lane and I took a short road trip to Marble Falls to visit Sweetberry Farm.  One of my mom groups had planned a field trip there, so we got a discounted rate.  There were 25 of us total, so it was a fun day full of kiddos!  The field trip included a hay ride, feeding the goats, going through a corn maze, and painting pumpkins.  There were lots more activities that were extra cost, and we all scattered and did our own thing when the field trip was over.  

Feeding the goats

He would feed them and then immediately go over to this giant bottle of hand sanitizer and wash up. Then go feed them again, then sanitize...over and over!

In the corn maze.  This was Lane's least favorite part.  He wanted OUT of there!

Choosing a pumpkin

Painting his pumpkin

Our masterpieces!  Mine on the left and Lane's on the right.  Just kidding :)

Jumping on the "berry bounce."  It was a giant tarp blown up with air.  Kinda like a trampoline and a bounce house combined.

Getting his face painted for the first time!  I didn't think he would be brave enough to do it or sit still long enough, but he did!

He walked right up to the girl and asked "Can you make a dinosaur that says RAWRRR."  He requested blue with spikes on his back.

Being VERY still.  

The finishing touches...

WOW!!!  He loved it!

After the face painting we headed over to ride the barrel train.  Lane refused to ride by himself (even though all the other kids were) so I had to squeeze in there with him.  haha!

Playing on the tractor

Some pics from my phone...

We had such a fun time!  It got a little warm...never too hot, but warmer than we expected.  It wasn't too crowded, and we never had to wait on any of the activities.  We will definitely go back in the spring for their strawberry picking!  

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