Saturday, October 6, 2012

Birthdays Galore!!

Last week Lane and I took a trip to Mansfield and San Angelo.  One of my best friends, Brittany had her baby that week and Marley and Mason's birthday parties were Saturday and Sunday, so Lane and I left Wednesday to spend some time in Mansfield before driving to San Angelo that weekend.

We enjoyed spending time with grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Kori and Mitch came over to Mom's for dinner Wednesday night and we spent Thursday running errands.  We went to Gran and Pops' house Thursday night to spend the night and had a yummy dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Friday morning Claire watched Lane while I went to Grapevine to visit Brittany's new baby, Beck!  I guess I was so excited to get there that I got my very first speeding ticket.  Evidently it was the end of the month quota time for Grand Prairie cops, because 3 cars including me were all pulled over on 360 at the same time.  Speed trap!!  I guess being 29 years old when I got my first ticket isn't too bad, but it still stunk!!


After Kori and Mom got out of school on Friday we headed to San Angelo.  We shopped around and had lunch on Saturday and then got ready for Mason's 7th birthday party.  It was raining all day and his Texas Rangers themed party had to be moved indoors.  Luckily they had the church hall reserved and the rain subsided enough to where the boys got to go outside to play a little baseball.  Lane had a good time playing with a bucket of toys and running around the playground outside.  It's crazy to think that in  less than 5 years it will be Lane celebrating his 7th birthday with a bunch of rowdy boys!


On Sunday we went out to Ryan and Tiffany's for Marley's 3rd birthday. Her party was a "dress-up" theme.  She loves playing dress-up and all things girly! I took some pictures of her all dolled up the last time we were there and Tiffany used them for her invitation.  They turned out so cute!  The party was precious.  Tiffany had crowns, wands, tutus and butterfly wings for the little girls to wear, and the boys got capes, ties, sunglasses and mustaches!  It was so funny when Lane walked in and noticed all the girly things.  He acted so silly about it.  I can't believe at only 2 1/2 he already knows what is "for girls" and what is "for boys!"  There was a photo booth set up and I took pictures of all of the kids in their get-ups.



Mom and Kori headed back to Mansfield after the party, but Lane and I stayed one more night at Kathy's.  We went to dinner at Olive Garden with the Snowden's and came back home to watch the Rangers LOSE.


We woke up Monday morning and headed back to Austin.  We stopped in Brady to see Paw on the way home.  That is one nice thing about living in Austin--it is only 2 hours from Brady and it broke up our drive from San Angelo nicely.  We enjoyed visiting with Paw!

It was a long, busy weekend and we were glad to get home to see daddy!

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