Wednesday, April 2, 2014

St. Paddy's Celebration

On Saturday, March 15th, Josh and Carrie had a family friendly St. Paddy's Day celebration at their house in Dallas.  They live really close to lower Greenville where all of the action usually is, and they went ALL OUT for this party!  All the kids had goodie bags, there were food and drinks a plenty, a bounce house, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles for the kids, and my favorite part--a crawfish boil!  

We all sported our green!  Even me with my big, green, 36 weeks pregnant belly!

Our cute leprechaun!

The weather was not ideal--lots of rain and humidity, but we made the best of it!  I felt so badly for Josh and Carrie because people were going in and out with muddy, wet feet and their poor floors and rugs were taking a beating.  I finally just took Lane's shoes off and rolled his pants up, and he still went through 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts while we were there because of the mud and rain.  

He loved jumping in the bounce house!

Playing with sidewalk chalk

And he loved the bubbles in his gift bag from Carrie!

Lane was pretty intrigued by the crawfish!  Josh showed him the claws and let one pinch his own finger so Lane could see.  As he was saying "It doesn't hurt" that thing clamped on and drew blood from poor Josh's finger.  Lol!

They can't pinch any more!!  Josh did a fantastic job on the boil.  I have only had crawfish one other time and liked it, but this time I loved it!  The potatoes and corn were so tasty and the crawfish were really well seasoned.  Well done, Biscuit!

Daddy and Lane

There were quite a few other children there, but Lane had the most fun with Saylor Grae.  She is Abby and Aaron's daughter.  (Carrie went to high school with Abby and Aaron.)

They are only a few months apart and get along really well.  He played with her at Gage's birthday party in February and back in July for the Bays' 4th of July party.  They are so cute together!

One last pic before this guy fell asleep and we headed home!

A big thanks to the Bays for their awesome hospitality!  We had a great time!

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