Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Evin Kate Turns ONE!

Our niece Evin celebrated her first birthday on March 20, 2014.  In case I have any readers other than close friends and family, Evin was born with a congenital heart defect that was detected the day she was to be discharged from the hospital.  She has undergone 2 open heart surgeries and a heart cath, and is now doing remarkably well!  You can read her full story here.  Her first birthday party was Sunday, March 16th, a few days before her real birthday.  

A picture from one of her surgeries.  Hard to believe she was so sick!

While I was in town for Spring Break, we went to the new nature park in Mansfield to try to get some one year pics of Evin and some family pictures of the 3 of them to display at the party.  Evin is notorious for giving me only serious faces for pictures UNLESS Kori is helping me make her laugh.  This was pretty much the case this time too, but we got some adorable shots of her alone and some cute candid family pics.  It was especially difficult because of a crazy, rude lady who claimed we were trespassing on her neighborhood's property.  She even called the cops on us and said she was suing the city.  We hadn't done ANYTHING wrong and were following the rules of all the signs, but this lady was not happy and couldn't let it go. 

Smiley Evin!!

My favorite candid shot

On Sunday, March 16th, Evin's first birthday party was held at my mom's house.  Kori decided on a heart theme--perfect for our little heart baby!  The colors and decor were so cute and everything was perfect!

Such a cute cake

I loved Evin's little smash cake!

Love the heart sandwiches!

Monthly pics of the birthday girl

I brought a chalkboard for people to write a bday message for Evin on.  Then I took each guest's pic with their sign.  This was one of my favorite things I did for Lane's first birthday!

Lane did a message of his own--a heart with his name inside.  He is just learning how to write in lowercase.  :)

Lane had a hard time refraining from opening all of the presents himself.  He did a pretty good job of sitting in Mitch's lap and only helping when asked.  :)

Lane, that's a water table, not a hot tub!!!

We gave Evin this cute yellow dress and some tiny, red Saltwater sandals for this summer.  I can't wait to see her all dressed up!

A Cozy Coupe!  Lane got one for his first birthday too!

Time for cake!  Sister wanted that candle!  Or maybe she was just excited to dig into that icing!

Happy Birthday to Evin!!

She was pretty dainty at first, just poking her little finger in and taste testing.

Then she finally dug in and had some big bites!

Goofing off with Uncle Mitch!

Our favorite niece!  Seeing her makes us sooo excited for our own little girl!

Evin, we are so proud of you!  You have been through far more than any one year old should have to go through and are now a smiley, beautiful, funny little priss who we love dearly!

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet girl!

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