Thursday, April 3, 2014

Big Brother School

The hospital where I will deliver offers a "Big Sibling Class" for ages 3+ on the last Wednesday of each month.  I am glad we squeezed it in before it was too late!  Lane went to "Big Brother School," as we called it on Wednesday, March  26, 2014.  

Looks ready to me!

The instructor suggested each child bring a doll or stuffed toy to "practice" on.  When Kori was born, she "gave" me this doll so I'd have a realistic looking baby of my own.  It was lovingly called "Rubber Baby" growing up, because it is made of soft rubber.  I figured Rubber Baby was perfect for Lane to take!

Looking like a proud Daddy and cradling baby like a pro!


Ready for class in front of the hospital!

The class was held in one of the actual labor/delivery rooms so the kids could see where their Mommy would actually deliver.  The nurse that led the class was so nice and really great with the kids.  She spread out a blanket and offered graham crackers and apple juice.  Lane's only other classmate was a little boy named Matteo, who was born March 3, 2010...just 2 days before Lane!  They were fast friends.

Matteo brought an Elmo doll to practice on, so they practiced putting a diaper on him and the nurse talked about diapers and why babies need them.  First, she asked where diapers go and put it on Elmo's head as a joke!

 Look at Lane's face!!  I think she had just asked if he will help change the poopy diapers!

Helping velcro the diaper on.

Next, they measured their babies.  She showed them the nasal aspirator, nail trimmers, and other little items and tools that parents might use on a newborn.  

They each got a baby hat to put on their babies and talked about how babies need to stay nice and warm.

Lane's favorite part (besides the free snacks and juice,) was playing with the baby bassinet and taking the babies' temperature.  The nurse gave him some purple latex gloves, so he was pretty excited!


He loved pressing the buttons to turn on the lights and heater.

Showing the boys the thermometer.

They colored a picture for their new baby siblings while the nurse answered questions and chatted with the parents.  Then, she read them a book outlining some important rules for big brothers about newborn babies.  

Overall, it was such a cute little class!  Lane already knew a lot of the key points from being around Evin when she was tiny, but the important thing is, he got to see the hospital and the room I'll be in.  I think it will definitely make him more comfortable when he has to come there with us!  He is officially ready to be a BIG BROTHER!

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