Saturday, April 5, 2014

Super Saturday

Lane started soccer on Saturday, March 29, 2014.  He had done 2 seasons with "Soccer Shots" a while back and decided he didn't care for soccer after all!  We ended up taking about a year long break and he played T-ball instead, liking it much better.  We decided to try out soccer again and signed him up for the Spring season with i9 Sports, the same league that he played T-ball through.  Soccer Shots was more like soccer lessons with drills and activities.  This league plays actual games, so we thought he might like it better!

I was all excited because he needed shin guards for this season.  I think little soccer uniforms are so stinkin' cute!  He got a pair of white and a pair of navy shin guards and socks and looks like a pro to me!  I took an absurd amount of pictures of him in his uniform, but he looked so cute I couldn't help it!


The team has a short practice before the game and then plays a 30 min game against an opponent.  Lane was a little slow to warm up, but eventually came around and started having fun!

Just chatting with the two ladies on his team.  ;-)  Who are about a head taller than him...

Just about ready to start the game!

The team has 8 players, but only 4 play at a time.  Lane would beg to go back in after he was subbed for!  Doesn't he look so precious on the bench?!

Put me in, Coach!

Some serious dribbling

Getting a pep talk from Daddy

Lane's team did really well and ended up winning big!  He didn't score a goal, but we were so proud that he did well on defense, dribbled like a champ, and smiled the entire time!  After going into it thinking he wouldn't have fun, it was refreshing to see his big grin while on the field!

Telling the other team "good game!"

A team huddle after the game

Gotta love the post-game snacks and juices!


Lane took a nice, long nap after his game and was so pumped for Aunt Sara to come over to babysit him for the night while Kyle and I went to a wedding.  They had such a fun time!  They played outside, went to Chick Fil A for dinner, and read lots of books before bed.  We are lucky to have her close by!  It's always nice to have a babysitter you love and trust!

The wedding was for Kyle's friend Cole, from his old company, Bain, and Sarah, who is Kyle's current boss' daughter.  Kyle knew both of them while they were dating, and Cole is the one who introduced Kyle to his current company where his father-in-law is the founder.

The wedding was at the home of the bride's parents and it was pretty amazing!

The flowers were all so beautiful.  These double doors were covered in flowers and were especially pretty.

Here I am at 37 wks 5 days pregnant.  I had to wear a maxi dress to hide my swollen feet and ankles.  It was a tiring night, but I am glad I was able to go!

More details...

The pool and dance floor looked really pretty at night!

One of the coolest parts was that right after the couple cut the cake, a firework show began across the lake!  You can't see from the pic, but the bride and groom's name was lit up in lights on a deck across the water.

I made it until almost 11pm, and we headed home to get some rest! 

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