Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Waiting on Ellis...

For the last 2 weeks I have had the mentality that Ellis could be here "any day now."  I guess it is the fact that I delivered 3 weeks early with Lane.  The anticipation is growing and we can't wait to meet her!  While we wait, we have been keeping ourselves busy at home and enjoying the company of our firstborn.  His life will be drastically changing soon, as will mine and Kyle's, and I am trying to soak up the last couple of weeks with my only child!  Looking back on my pictures from these last 2 weeks, I am realizing that we have been doing a whole lot of going out to eat!  I haven't been cooking quite as much as normal and we have been trying to get out of the house, resulting in a lot of eating out!  Soon, our meals out will be a little more stressful, so I guess we will enjoy the "tables for 3" while we can!

One night we went out for crawfish at Pappadeaux, only to find out that they only serve crawfish 2 nights a week.  We missed out on that one, but ended up going to a different crawfish place the next night to get our fix!  Lane has been loving this crayon/paper holder that he got from Nate for his birthday.  He takes it into every restaurant and has fun coloring and drawing pictures.

One afternoon after school we ran by to pick up dry cleaning, and walked next door to TCBY for some frozen yogurt.  Lane hadn't had this in a LONG time and loved it!  He got fruity pebbles, m&m's, strawberries and sprinkles on his. Yum!  :)

One of Lane's favorite things to do is eat at Chick Fil A and play on the playground.  He is really good about eating all of his food before asking to play.  He loves their nuggets that much!

He was looking awfully cute that day in his new shirt and fresh haircut, so I took a couple of pics of him on our porch.  Such a handsome little dude!

Daddy has been getting home pretty early from work since the deal he has been working on closed.  He is quickly taking over my spot as the "favored parent."  Lane was a pretty big Mama's boy for a long while, and lately he has been swaying over to Daddy's side.  Those two are best buds!  Now that it stays lighter longer and Kyle gets home earlier, they have been taking advantage of the extra light and playing outside each evening.  Lane loves to ride his cop car, Ziggle, and tricycle, and has fun playing cops and robbers, t-ball, and soccer with Kyle.    We have also been playing lots of family games and doing puzzles when it gets dark.

We are so excited that baseball season his here!!  Lane wore his Rangers shirt on opening day and had his game face on!  Too bad the Rangers lost...
We have watched every game so far, and Lane still says his favorite Rangers player is Elvis Andrus.

I was treated to an awesome concert later that day...


Lane wore a new outfit to school this week.  His first pair of colored skinny jeans.  Lol!  It's getting warm enough for short sleeves and he has some new spring and summer clothes I am excited to dress him in!

On Wednesday, I took Lane to the new museum called The Thinkery.  It just opened a couple of months ago and Lane had a really good time.

One of his favorite things was a giant magnet wall with magnetic wooden blocks.  He played here for a good 30 minutes!

Best friends!

There was a neat playground that Lane climbed on for a while.

He loved "grilling steaks" at this exhibit.  He would flip them and make them sizzle, then bring me a plate to taste.


Such a cute chef!

Our music man found the drums!

We stopped for a snack and Lane found a pretzel in the shape of an "e" for Ellis!

Back to the fun!  This exhibit was watercolor painting with spices.  They had all different spices that made different colors and smelled very strong.  Lane said they smelled "disgusting."

He also enjoyed the kitchen/farm area.

More fun...

At this exhibit, Lane had to build a foam airplane and use the launcher to try to shoot it into a basket.


Scout was due for her vaccines, so Lane tagged along one afternoon to offer his support.  Aren't these two cute?!

On Friday night, we went out for pizza at East Side Pies.  We had heard it was one of the "must try" pizza places in Austin.  We were planning on going to the UT baseball game that night, and East Side Pies was really close to the stadium, so it worked out perfectly!  Gotta love a good, greasy slice of pizza!

Lane was decked out in his collegiate gear to watch the Horns.  Of course, he didn't watch much of the actual game, but did have a lot of questions and begged the entire time for a hot dog bun and ice cream.  Not a whole hot dog...he won't eat the weenie.  This was all after eating a slice of cheese pizza at dinner!  We made it through about 3 innings and although he probably could have lasted longer, we decided to leave, stop for ice cream on the way home, and watch the Ranger game in the media room. 


Two cute Longhorns!

Saturday morning was Lane's second soccer game.  It was a chilly morning and only 5 players showed up out of 8.  Then, to make things more difficult, one player refused to play and the other hurt his knee at the very beginning of the game.  That left our 3 little guys to play the whole game against a team of 8.  Only 4 kids from each team can go on the field at a time, so we were only outnumbered by one, but we had some tired boys after the game was over since we had no subs!  Lane did really well again and had fun.  He came soooo close to scoring his first goal.  He was open, right in front of the net, the ball came right to him, and.....he whiffed.  It was funny and cute and disappointing all at the same time!  He didn't seem to even care, and Kyle and I were just cracking up!  I am hoping with all my heart that I don't miss his first goal while I am home with Ellis.  I am not sure if I will be able to take her to many of the coming games because of the weather and how young she will be, so chances are I will have to miss a few of his games.  I'll be so sad if I miss a goal, but hopefully Kyle can catch it on video if it happens.  (And it very well could NOT even happen this season, which is ok!)

We took it easy Saturday after soccer, and that night Kyle grilled some delicious steak/chicken kabobs! It had been a while since he had grilled and they were pretty tasty!  

On Sunday we went to brunch at Texas French Bread and stayed home the rest of the day relaxing and watching the Rangers, cleaning house, and playing with Lane.

Lane almost never falls asleep mid-day unless he is forced to take a nap in a bed, but all the fun this week must have worn him out!  Kyle was all proud that he "got" Lane to fall asleep on him.  :)

Even Scout joined in on the lounging!

We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy, but still no sign of Ellis Paige making her grand entrance!   No real contractions, and I am still feeling pretty good, so who knows if this will be my only "Waiting for Ellis" post or not!!  I very well might be drafting a similar post in the following week.  Crossing my fingers I don't have to, though!!

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