Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The last Friday of Spring Break, mom and I decided to take Lane to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens to the butterfly exhibit.  We stopped off for donuts on the way and Lane was excited to see this horse outside the shop.  He took a quick morning ride before we hit the road!


We got to the butterfly conservatory and after some strict instructions from the lady at the door about not touching them, watching your step, etc., we were able to go in and see the beautiful butterflies!  Lane got all worried and thought he was in trouble while the lady was explaining all the rules.  Silly boy! 

My little butterfly explorer, ready to find some butterflies!

Found one!

We had a pamphlet that showed all of the types of butterflies in the conservatory, and Lane had fun pointing them all out!

We saw a ton of these "Owl Butterflies."


I had a good time breaking out my photography skills with my camera on all of the pretty butterflies!


There were butterflies everywhere!  Lane thought it was neat to see them "licking" the fruit out of the hanging bowls.

Me and my boy!

An adorable grin!  He was posing by the black and white butterfly to the left of his head.

Sweet talking his new friend!

Butterfly spotting

Mums and her little bud

I tried for one more picture of us on my phone to send Kyle, and Lane was over pictures by then! 

We stopped by the gift store on the way out and found this cool chair!

Mums let Lane pick a souvenir and he chose a tube of plastic butterflies.  He has always loved little collectibles and toys with small pieces!

After leaving the exhibit, we met Kori and Evin at Schlotzky's for lunch.  Lane was excited to see Evin, and as usual, kept having to get up out of his seat to go kiss her and tell her hi throughout the meal.  I hope he loves his little sis as much as he loves his cousin!

Thank you, Mums for the fun day out!

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