Thursday, March 27, 2014

Officer Lane's 4th Birthday Party: The Police Lineup Photo Booth!

I've saved the best post for last of Lane's birthday party recap.  The police lineup photo booth!  I had different props for people to choose from and all the pictures make me smile!

The birthday boy is first!  Looking good in his bandit disguise.

Such a cute cop/robber combo!

 A close-up picture reveals that our bandit has some spelling issues!  He 
"robed" a bank.  So cute!!!!!

 Officer Mums caught 2 thieves!!!

Sneaky Kyle and Officer Marley

Charlotte went for the glam look!

Ross and Jen accessorized with 2 cute babies!

Kori and Evin, who wasn't too into the disguises!  We missed Mitch, who had to work that day.

A donut break for Lane and Ross

Our silly boy with some of his favorite friends of ours.  Carrie, Josh and Abigail drove in for the party from Dallas.

Lane and his Gran!

The Snowden family came all the way from San Angelo!

Kathy was busted for stealing some cash!  Good catch, Marley!

Lane and Marley decided to partner up to catch Scout the bandit!

I got caught stealing by two handsome officers!

Cute cousins!

 Kori and Lane are on the case!

Miss Abigail could get away with anything!  Looking cool in her shades with her cash loot in hand.

Such a cute pic of the Bays family!

 These 3 little ladies are all only a couple months apart!  Evin is a March baby, and Abigail and Kinsley are May babies. 

And that wraps up Lane's 4th birthday bash!!  

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