Monday, March 24, 2014

Officer Lane's 4th Birthday Party: The Details

We had Lane's 4th birthday party at my mom's house in Mansfield on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  He had chosen a police theme a long time ago and stuck with it, even though he is actually more into cowboys now.  I asked if he wanted to switch to a cowboy party, but he said "Maybe I'll have a cowboy party next year."  It was fun planning his party, as always.  (I love that kind of thing!)  BUT....I will say that the days leading up to the actual party are pretty much a beating!!!  There are always last minute things to be done, food to be bought and prepared, and it is all sort of stressful for me.  Not to mention, stressful for my poor mom who has graciously offered to host it the past 2 years since we have moved away.  With all the work and stress involved, the party was still a great success and Lane had a wonderful time, which is all that matters!!  Since I took a ton of pictures that day, I am breaking his party posts into sections.  This post is featuring the decorations and food!!

Wooden cop cars for all the kids and Lane's newborn picture with one of his 4 year old pictures I took of him at the police station.

I decorated the mantel with some of Lane's Playmobil police toys and made a ribbon banner.

I made paper police hats for all the guests and found police vests at JoAnn's for $2 a piece!  Score!  Each kiddo also got a pair of play handcuffs to take home.

We put caution tape on the door and mom found a chalkboard hanger to use that says "Crime Scene--Officers Only!"

We served Nothing Bundt Cakes Bundtinis instead of cake this year.  These little treats are always a big hit!!  

Cute little toppers!  I bought the cop cars off of Etsy and made the 4's and Lane's head toppers myself.

It wouldn't be a police party without donuts!!  Especially Krispy Kreme donuts!!

In addition to the fruits, veggies, and sweets, we served pizza in the kitchen.  :)

My favorite part of the party was the police lineup photo booth.  We got some hilarious pictures that I'll share in a post soon!  This was the prop basket and Lane's 1, 2, 3, and 4 year pictures.  My, how he's grown!!

The lineup backdrop we used for the pics was a white table cloth and black duct tape stripes.  The numbers were black vinyl numbers I found at the hardware store. 

Also, I never posted these pictures, which were taken about a month ago in preparation for his party.  I used them for the invitation and thank you cards, and also framed some to use as decor at the party.  Lane and I went to the Bee Cave Police Dept and they were kind enough to let us take some pictures in front of their squad cars.  2 cops and a detective even came out to talk to Lane and tried to get in a picture with him, but he said he was "too scared."  The detective ended up giving him a really cool pin that was a replica of his actual badge.  Then the detective let Lane look inside one of the vehicles and activated the lights and sirens for Lane to see.  He thought that part was really cool!


Here are the invitations I created using Photoshop.

 And these were the thank you cards I made!  So funny!

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