Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Lane Austen!

On Wednesday, March 5th, 2014, Mr. Lane turned 4 years old!  I was happy he didn't have school that day and we were able to spend the day together!  (Although, he did end up having to miss school the day before and after due to a cold.)

These first few pictures are actually from the day before his birthday.  Gran sent a package of gifts for Lane to open on his birthday and I let him open a couple early.  He was pretty excited to get a holster with guns and some new colorful bandanas!

That night, Daddy stayed up late putting together Lane's surprise gift from us so that it would be ready and charged for the next day.  I found a power wheels police car at Target for 60% off back in February, so I snuck it home and covered the box with a sheet in the garage until his birthday.  He asked what was under the sheet a couple of times and we told him it was Ellis' furniture for her room.  ;-)  

The next day was Lane's real birthday.  After he woke up he got to open a few of his gifts and his cards from everyone.

Art supplies from his friend, Nate, who couldn't make it to Lane's party.

Some Playmobil knights from Gran!

$50 from Paw, and a $50 check from Nonna!  He's rich!

After a little morning playtime, we got dressed and ready for a lunch date!  I got this birthday shirt for $2.99 on clearance!  Gotta love Old Navy!

Such a cute birthday boy!!!

Lane chose one of his new favorite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen.  We ate there for the first time a few weeks ago and he loved their pasta and bread.  It is inside the mall, right next to Great American Cookie Company, so he figured it out quickly that he can get a yummy lunch and head next door for a sprinkle cookie.  Smart boy!

As mentioned before, Lane had developed a cough the day we left San Angelo that kept getting worse and worse.  By the time we finished lunch, he was feeling awful and had developed a headache and runny nose.  You can tell by these pictures that he was feeling sick.  We headed home for a nice nap and a dose of meds to see if he would feel any better.

After nap time he was feeling much better!  He still had the cough, but was noticeably better.  We went out to take his picture by his flag that I made him this year.  Starting at age 2, I began making a flag for his birthday to hang outside.  I wish I had known to start on his first birthday!  Oh, well!

So silly!


 Lane was so excited for Daddy to get home so he could open the rest of his gifts and have cake!  As soon as Kyle got there, we had Lane come out to the garage to see his surprise from us.  It took one look at this cop car for him to fall in love!  He immediately exclaimed "Whoa!" and ran to it to check it out.

Kyle showed Lane how to turn it on and told him to press the pedal.  This picture is hilarious, because you can tell it took off and Lane was a little unprepared!!  (Ignore our junky garage!)

Ok, this is fun!!!!

Pretty pleased with his new set of wheels!

The neighbors quickly saw Lane cruising around the cul-de-sac and came out to see his new car.  Breck is a first grader and Lane thinks he is pretty cool.  He hopped in for a ride and Lane was on cloud 9!

It got darker and cold, so we had Lane drive his car in to park it in the garage.  We got a thumbs up for this gift!

Lane got to choose dinner, and guess what his top pick was???  Chick-Fil-A of course--from the drive thru by his request.  A happy boy with his 6 nuggets, fries, white milk, and Chick-Fil-A sauce.  (That's what he ALWAYS tells me he wants!)

After dinner he got to open the rest of his presents.  We got him the cop car, some new Nikes, and a magnet game this year.

Gran also sent Lane a cowboy dress up outfit!

Mommy helping Lane get dressed up in his new gear.

Looking good, fella!

After presents we had cake!  I tried to order a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, but Lane begged me to make him a white cake.  A little Funfetti mix, icing, and sprinkles, and we were good to go!

I am in love with his cake pictures this year.  He still had on his cowboy clothes, which perfectly captures what he is into right now.  He even had his pistol handy.

Kyle said "How big do you want your piece?"  And Lane said "This big!"  (See his arms??)

Lane got to stay up late to help Daddy put together the Playmobil knight's castle that Gran sent.  It took a while, but he was so excited to get a few minutes of playtime in before hitting the sack.

I know Lane had a fun, fun day and I hope his last birthday as a single child was a memorable one!

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