Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Special Valentine's Day

For some reason I just love Valentine's Day!  Especially since we have a little guy to shower with love now!  I remember loving our Valentine's parties at school growing up and Kori and I always got a special treat from our Mom and Dad on Valentine's Day.  This was our last Valentine's with an only child, so I wanted to make it special for Lane.  

We spent the weeks leading up to V-Day doing some artwork.

He made heart paintings for all of the family using toilet paper rolls bent into a heart, dipped in paint and stamped.  Still sporting our Christmas jammies on a cold morning!

The week of Valentine's Day Lane was stylin'!  I had a few V-Day shirts for him to sport each day.

On this day we had a picnic lunch in the park!  It ended up being a little chilly, so we couldn't stay long.

Our handsome fella wore this shirt to his class Valentine's party, which was on Thursday the 13th.

Holding his "officers" for the letter "O" show n' tell.

We got to school and Lane was excited to go in, knowing he would be getting treats from all of his friends and getting to pass out his treats to them.  Then, the little toot cried when I left!  So unpredictable!

I was really happy with how his Valentine's cards turned out!  I had seen a picture on Pinterest of a little boy wearing giant sunglasses and decided to incorporate it into his cards this year.  


For his school friends, I bagged up some M&M's and a pair of red sunglasses for each kiddo.  I found the glasses for 50 cents each at Party City, created the photo design on photoshop, and just printed the bag tags at Staples.  Very similar to his Hot Wheels ones from last year, but still super cute!

On actual Valentine's Day, Lane started his morning with a pink bath!  He loves those bath fizzies that change the color of the water!



After getting all clean and dressed, we had our very own "Dr. Love!"  So cute!


Last year, we tried to beat the night time Valentine's Day crowd and meet Daddy for an early lunch downtown.  We decided to continue the tradition this year and met him at Lavaca St. Bar and Grill.
Lane, Mommy and Ellis (almost 32 wks.)

A mouth full of cookie and a hug for his old man!


After lunch, I took Lane to the mall to get his Valentine's Day gift.  I thought it might be fun to take him to Build a Bear to make a stuffed friend!  He had been once before in Arlington and chose a bear, and this time he chose a cute horse!  

Pumping his horsey with stuffing!  He said he wanted it to be "medium stuffed." Haha!

Giving the horse a squeeze.

Cleaning up his pony at the bath station.

He thought it was funny to scrub between his legs to clean "his crotch."  Ugh, boys!

Lane came up with an interesting name for his new friend...
Mrs. Coots Armstrong.

After some negotiating, we decided to skip an outfit for Mrs. Coots Armstrong and just buy a brush like the one he used at the tub station.  When we left, Lane said "Horses don't even really wear clothes anyway," and brushed his horse all the way home.  Let's hope she still has hair left in a month or two!

Got a house for his horse and ready to head home!

Kyle and I had just taken our trip to Chicago and had lots of alone time, so we considered that our big V-Day celebration.  Kyle did, however cook a delicious dinner for us that night at home.  Pesto pasta with sundried tomatoes, asparagus, and mozzarella cheese, plus caramel blondie brownies for dessert!  What a fun week it was!!

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