Monday, March 24, 2014

The Celebration Continues

The day after Lane's birthday we loaded up the car and headed to Mansfield for Lane's birthday party, plus Spring Break and Evin's birthday.  Before we left, Lane got to take his new cop car for another ride since his time was cut short the night before due to it getting too dark.  He absolutely loves this thing!  


It was especially cute because he had his K9 Unit ready to come along.  ;-)

I had to drag him out of the police car with the promise that Daddy would bring his cop car the next day when he drove down, and that he would get to celebrate his birthday at Mums' house that night.  Mums had his presents waiting for him and he was ready to tear into them the minute we got there.

Beckham helped out with the un-wrapping.  Can you see him??

A new play rifle!

Every cowboy needs a rifle!

Getting some shootin' lessons from Mums

His cowboy influenced birthday gifts continued with a stable full of horses, which he gave names to that night.

And a horse truck/trailer to carry his pets in.

Also, some real walkie talkies!

Gifts not pictured are a new larger suitcase for Lane with his name embroidered on it, his cowboy belt he opened before the rodeo, and a subscription to High Five magazine, a magazine for kids.  Thanks Mums!  These gifts in addition to all of his gifts he opened from Gran and Pops on his real birthday made Lane one happy guy!  (From Gran and Pops were the Playmobil Knight castle with all the extras, a new cowboy costume with a holster and guns, a Playmobil construction site, and a Mickey Mouse farm set.) 

What a lucky boy to have such generous grandparents!  Next up...Lane's birthday party!!!

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