Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 33-34 Weeks

Taken 3/4/14

34 Week Checkup:
-Gained less than a pound in 2 weeks.  Total weight gain of 19 lbs.
-Blood pressure was 118/72, so the doc still isn't concerned with my swelling.
-The baby's heart rate was in the 140's like usual.
-My belly is still measuring about 4 days ahead of schedule.  (It's been that way since my first appointment when they measured the baby via ultrasound.)
-I have one more 2 week checkup at 36 weeks and then I will start going weekly for appointments.
-The next appointment will be a cervical check to see if I am progressing at all.  YIKES!!  It's almost that time...

In the last 2 weeks I have continued to experience some swelling in my ankles and feet and a few Braxton Hicks here and there.  Other than that I've been feeling really well!  I had my 34 week checkup on March 4th and was able to actually see the Dr. this time!

Despite my minimal weight gain each week, my belly continues to look LARGER and LARGER.  I am sticking way out and getting lots of comments from others on my basketball belly.  As long as Ellis is healthy, I'll take it!

These past two weeks my belly has been SOOO itchy.  I am not sure if it got irritated by a new pair of  maternity pants I wore or if it is just from the stretching of the skin and the cooler temps.  I bought some special lotion that has been a lifesaver and really helped.

My lower back still hurts badly.  It has been hurting since even before I got pregnant, but is getting worse and worse as the weight of my tummy continues to increase!  I can't wait until I can lay on my stomach and have my back popped again!

I am no longer feeling big, rolling movements.  Ellis is head down and is running out of room to wiggle, so I mostly just feel knees and heels/feet way up high under and between my ribs.  I love crossing my arms over my belly because she will run her foot or knee back and forth across my forearms!  Lane was always up under my right rib, making things very uncomfortable.  This time around, Ellis has stayed lower and has been taking it easy on her momma!

I have washed tiny clothes and blankets, have a couple packs of diapers, organized her closet and drawers in her makeshift nursery, and have located all of the baby gear we will need re-assembled since Lane used it.  In the coming weeks we will need to install the car seat base, put together the swing, set up the pack n' play, and pack a hospital bag, among a few other little things that need to be done.

Taken at 33 weeks--the weekend of my shower

Only a few more weeks of pictures to go!!!

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