Thursday, March 27, 2014

Officer Lane's 4th Birthday Party: The Fun Stuff!

Lane's party was lots of fun!  It ended up being a pretty chilly day with a chance of rain, so we had to stay indoors a lot of the time.  I snapped a few pics outside before the party began out by Lane's birthday flag.  These two were ready for the guests to arrive!

Lane's party shirt was really cute!  I ordered it from Etsy and it says Lane, Police, and a #4 on a shiny badge.  It didn't really show up well in pictures but looked cute in person!

Since we were inside for the party, I planned some games to keep the kids active.  Of course, with 4 year olds it was kind of chaotic, but I think they had fun.  One of the games was to find the "bandits" and put them in jail.  Kori and I made bandit eggs and stuffed them with different items.  Some had toys, some had candy, and some had money.  The kids had to put the toys in the toy store box, the candy in the candy store box, and the money in the bank box.  Then they had to toss the robbers in the jail!


Charlotte and Jensen from next door did a good job sorting the items and putting the bandits in the slammer!

The kids finally slowed down enough to eat a little bit.  At first, they were just too busy!  Lane, of course ate probably two bites and was off to play.  I didn't get a single picture of him eating.

Next, we moved on to "Pin the Badge on the Officer."  Lane went first and ended up getting pretty close.

Mason's turn!

Lane insisted on Daddy getting a turn.  He and Marley thought it was so funny when Kyle tried to pin his badge!


Looks like Lane was probably the winner!

Lane couldn't wait to open his gifts!  He got some fun toys, including this police station Lego set from Charlotte and Jensen.  He and Kyle put it together as soon as the party was over.

New Kidz Bop CD's from Mason and Marley!

Gran saved one last gift for Lane's party.  A Ziggle!  It is a really cool bike that is controlled by moving the handlebars back and forth instead of pedals.  It looks like a great workout and Lane is really good on it!


Kori, Mitch, and Evin gave Lane a McDonald's play set that included a working cash register.  It's a good thing the food is fake, because I'd be a 100 pounds heavier by now if it wasn't!  He loves taking my order and putting the cash into the drawer.

Other gifts included a bull rider and rodeo clown toy from The Armstrongs, a fishing game and bubble gun from The Bays, water guns and the game 'Operation' from Gage, a safari vet truck from Sara, a boom box to listen to his CD's from Kathy, and a pop-up baseball pitcher from Ross and Jen.  Trent and Pops were out of town for the party, but Trent brought Lane a giant stuffed tiger and leopard from Houston.  I'd say he got a good loot!

After presents we moved onto cake!  Excuse my large 34wk belly!


The kids enjoyed playing until it was time to go!  Gage was a sharp shooter with this pistol!

Kinsley was content with Gran, and Claire loved practicing holding a baby girl!

Lane explained his rodeo toys to Biscuit

Evin was our party comedian with her bow mustache!

Cute girl!

I snuck in a picture with Marley

The kids were begging to go outside, even though it was cold.  Lane was dying to drive his police car some more, and they had a blast!  Mason was pretending to be a bad guy and would hide out in the bushes and have the kids chase him.  It was pretty cute!

Get that bandit!!!!!

Perhaps the funniest thing that happened at the party was when Lane wanted Marley to stop the car and grabbed onto the back seats.  Marley took off and ended up dragging Lane all over the yard!!  It was hilarious!

Thank you to everyone that came!  Lane had the best time and we were glad to see all of our friends and family.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANE!

**I have one more birthday party post coming up.  My favorite part--the photo booth pictures!!!**

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