Monday, March 10, 2014

San Angelo Rodeo

I was so excited to take Lane to the San Angelo Rodeo the last weekend of February!  He had been to the stock show and loved it, so I figured he'd love the actual rodeo.  All of the Snowdens were planning on going and Tiffany was able to get us some tickets for a great price.  My cousin is the principal at Wall ISD and the Hawks Girls Basketball team made it to the State Tourney in Austin, so they weren't able to come after all.  We ended up switching places for the weekend...we went to San Angelo and they came to Austin!  We were sad to miss them, but Mom, Lane, Kathy and I went ahead and went Thursday night to see the show!

My mom gave Lane an early birthday gift for him to wear that night.  A new cowboy belt with a real belt buckle!  It was also "Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night" in honor of breast cancer awareness, so he wore a light pink button up with the rest of his western gear.  He looked adorable!

Excited for the show to begin

An attempt at a shot with Mums and Kathy.  They turned out kinda dark.  :(

Taking it all in.  His favorite parts were the bull riding and the girls precision riding team called the San Angelo Ambassadors.

He lost interest here and there, which is typical Lane.  For a while he was only interested in playing with his lasso, rather than watching the events.  All in all I think he really enjoyed it, though!

A few pics with Mommy!

Sitting with Mums

The rest of our trip was spent playing at Kathy's, doing a little shopping, watching a movie, and playing at the park.  The weather was really pretty on Saturday so it was nice to play outside!

Lane loved this digging contraption.  He called it his excavator.

Goofy guy

The three amigos!  Lane, Kathy, Mums

Climbed a tree for a few photos!

Allllmost 4 years old!!!

Nice and comfy, watching a movie before bed!

We had a fun trip and headed back to Austin on a CHILLY Sunday.  Thanks, Kathy for having us!

Mom ended up following us to Austin and getting to stay 2 nights with us before going back to Mansfield.  While she was there she was kind enough to help me clean and organize ALOT of my house.  We went through a bunch of junk, got rid of some items, and put away lots of things that needed a place to be stored.  As always, she helped with laundry and house clean-up, which is always nice!  Especially with a new baby on the way!

Mom took this cute picture of Lane and Scout.

Reading a book before bed.  Lane had started feeling poorly and developed a nasty cough!  I told him to "look sick" here.  haha!

Saying goodbye to Mums on Tuesday.  Both dogs were desperate to come along!  Finley was desperate to get away from Scout, and Scout was desperate to come enjoy Mums' big backyard!

Big smiles until she got in her car to drive off.  Then Lane started with the alligator tears.  This boy hates goodbyes!

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